Wednesday Stash Flash!

I did something that I hadn’t done for a long time last Thursday; I went to a local yarn store!

I ended up at Ball & Skein in Brickerville, PA, which I have enjoyed going to before.  Above is what I got.

First, I got two balls for the Frog Tree Yarns suri fingering weight yarn.  I understand that the Frog Tree brand has been discontinued, but it has now been taken up under then mantle of Skacel.  Cool!

The other ball of yarn I got was a big ball of Noro Taiyo cotton blend sock yarn.  I sure know how to pick’em; Noro is going to be discontinuing the Taiyo yarn and replacing it more with their Silk Garden blend of sock yarn.

Now, as for the two blue skeins, I got won those in a giveaway.  They are both Cotton Supreme yarn by Universal Yarn, Inc, but one is Aran weight and the other is DK weight.  Both were donated by another local yarn store called Flying Fibers, and they are located in Landisville, PA.

So, those have been my luxury yarn acquisitions of recent, considering it’s been a long time since I’ve had any luxury yarn.  It feels good to be in possession of some again!


3 Stash Diving Lessons Learned

I need to face it; I have a large yarn stash.  I think all knitters do, really.

Lately, for inspiration, I’ve diving through my stash to get ideas.  It’s been a good exercise to find things that I had initially forgot about, really.  I tend to grab yarn from same bin right beside my spot on the couch.  Going through my yarn stash has forced me to take inventory of what I actually do have.

Here three things I’ve learned about my stash collecting habits from the past few days.

  1.  I have a lot of yellow yarn.  And I’m not even a fan of the color yellow.  I mean, I like it, but it’s not my first choice in color selection.  No matter how I obtained it, I don’t tend to use it often, so I have a lot of it.  Yellow everywhere!  I’m starting to use it now for chemo hats, as it a bright and cheery color and some people do like it.
  2. I have a lot of mystery weight yarn.  A lot of what I have doesn’t have labels on it.  That means I’m going to have to get my inch measuring tool out and figure it out.  Or, I can just knit a scarf on whatever the heck needles I want with it.  There.  Problem solved.
  3.  I have a lot of cool odds and ends of yarn.  I think this another concept other knitters can relate to when it comes to their stash.  We tend to keep pretty bits of a ball of yarn that we can’t bear not to use.  But, what will we use it for?  I have small balls of chunky wool yarn that I want to integrate into a project, but I’m still figuring out how.  I’ll think of something.

That’s what I’ve learned from diving though my stash of yarn.  It’s been a pretty interesting learning experience.  I’ve used up quite a bit of weird stuff already, and it been fun, actually.  Duh!  I need to keep doing this.