Experimenting with Chevron Stripes

First off, sorry about the blurry photo….it’s all I got today.

I’m experimenting with a chevron pattern and stripes right now on a scarf.  Strangely, it’s something I’ve always to play with, but never really did, until I came across Benjamin Matthews’ Chevron Study Scarf pattern (It’s free on Ravelry.).  I’m not following the pattern exactly, but rather using it as a guide for my own experiment with a chevron knit pattern and stripes.

I’m using small-ish (US5) needles and DK/almost sport type wool yarns on this one.  It makes for a slower go than I usually like, but sometimes it’s good to slow down and do a pattern in finer yarn.  I’m sure it will look fantastic when it’s done and blocked.

This is a good play with color and patterning.  I recommend it to an advanced beginner knitter who wants a challenge or and intermediate knitter who is curious about stepping up their game with a new idea.