Completed Birdhouse

I FINALLY am able to share with you my completed birdhouse!  I really did put a bird on it, well, two birds, actually, so it’s a double Portlandia birdhouse.

Take a look at the slideshow below and see what I did.  I threw in a few pictures of the snow in there from my back door, too.

After that was dry, I flipped the house over and did the red bird, again two coats.  After all that was dry, everything got two heavy coats of spray-one shiny acrylic spray.  It turned out quite well!

So, that’s my Snowmageddon 2016 Birdhouse Project.

Put a Bird on it!

And call it art!

Man, I love Portlandia.

We had a massive snowstorm here over the weekend.  Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to paint the birdhouse my father-in-law gave me a while ago to paint.  I should’ve done it sooner, really.

I also have some lovely step-by-step photos of the process it took to paint said birdhouse.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the portable hard drive along with me today.  Rats.  You’ll see them in the next few days, along with the completed project.  I’ll give you more details about what I did then, too.

So, that’s how I spent part of Snowmageddon 2016 here in PA.