Mom’s Azaleas

Photo by Kathy Gottlieb

This photo brings back may memories for me.  My mom took this photo of her azalea’s in front of her house.  Many a picture has been taken in front of this colorful bush, such as me and my sisters, us with our friends, and trying to get out dogs to pose and sit nicely in front of the bush so we could take their photo, too, which was quite a daunting task getting the pooches to cooperate.

I’ll have to take a look in my old photo bin at home to see if what I have of people and pets in front of the azaleas.

The window you see is where Patrick used to sit and watch the world go by, along with barking at the world at it went by.


I know this isn’t a knitting or crafting-related post, but I rather enjoy strolling down memory lane and thinking about past springs, pets, and blooms.  I encourage you to reflect about simple memories, too.


Paint Your Pet

My Aunt Ellen treated me to a “Paint Your Pet” class at Art and a Bottle in Lititz, PA.  Part of the proceeds from the class go towards the non-profit, KPETS (a therapy pet organization) she works for.  The class was packed and sold out.

I decided to paint Patrick, my last dog.  Patrick was a field-bred English springer spaniel, and was a great dog.  He was energetic, strong-willed, and tons of fun.  He lived to be twelve.

So, after some careful instruction from the teachers and helpers at the art studio, I started painting.  The process I had to use the paint the picture was different than most, as he was black and white.  Still, I got the idea after a while, and began to layer on colors.

Three hours later, I had the finished product.


Here’s the photo I used for reference.

patrick jenn dixon

How do you think I did?