Five Things Friday

I thought doing a “Five Things Friday” would be fun.  Some are knitting/crafting related, and some aren’t.  Still, they are fun and should, and that’s what Friday’s all about, right?

  1.  Happy Birthday to my husband, Sam!!!  He’s celebrating his special day today, and I love him very much. Yes, I knit him that hat he is wearing.
  2.  Cool knitting tattoos:  I saw an article featuring them today, and thought they’d be neat to share.
  3.  MUSE:  One of my favorite bands won a Grammy!
  4.  Hockey Day in America is on Sunday, and here’s I hat I knit for said event in support of my favorite team.  Let’s go, Flyers!  0bcbb-img_1176_edited-1_236x2405.  An oldie, but a goodie blast from the past post:  Bob the SweaterFrom Knitty 2003 Summer edition

Off Topic: MUSE in Philly

I recently saw one of my favorite bands on Sunday.  MUSE was in Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center on January 31, 2016 in support of their new album Drones.

What an awesome show!

X Ambassadors opened for them, they were pretty good!  It’s not often I like the opening band, but they surprised me.

MUSE rocked the house when they came out!  Concert featured a 360 degree stage, and Joan and I were in the 3rd ROW.  It was a great spot to be.

Besides a lot of the songs off of Drones, they did a lot of great songs of their third album Absolution.  I did not expect that, or for them to play one of my favorite older songs “Map of the Problematique” off of Black Holes and Revelations.

It was a visually stunning and energetic show, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Here’s some more fun stuff from the show.


Chris Wolstenholme and the incredible graphic from “Handler.”  The hand and strings followed him on the stage!


The band in the spotlight!


Matt Bellamy!

Oh, and towards the end of the show, “Mercy” was an amazing finale.  Here’s a short video of it.

Amazing show!!!  Three encores, MUSE left us with “Knights of Cydonia,” (which is Joan’s least favorite song, but she had fun with it anyway.  I like it myself.), and bid the roaring crowd farewell.

It was my second time seeing them. I will see them again when they’re back.