The Two-ish Year Gap

You may notice a gap of about two years in blog posts.  Here’s why.

I started off with Ludicraft back in 2011(?) I believe, and the switched from Blogger to IndieMade’s platform in 2013.  I was recently on IndieMade until August 2015.  I then jumped over here to WordPress.  I like it here.

While I still had my old XML file from the Ludicraft days, as of now, IndieMade can’t get me a file that would export nicely to here, so, sadly, those posts are gone.  I’m a little ticked, but it wasn’t my best work, and I didn’t lose most of what I already had.

I know I was going to start from scratch, and I essentially am, but I couldn’t resist some of that old content.  Read back through it.  There’s some cool stuff in there.

So, here’s to new beginnings, and learning from the past.