reddit Gifts Exchange

submit to reddit Did you know that I’m really into reddit?  Yup, I get a lot of answers and help on stuff over there.  I also like participating in their gift exchanges.  I did the Secret Santa one last year, and am currently participating in a Hats and Scarves 2015 Exchange.  Naturally, my the recipient of my gift is getting something handmade.

The gal I’m sending my swap gift to likes beanies and the color black, so this is the closet thing I have in my FO stash: a really dark green Malabrigo wool hat and matching fingerless mitts.  The green really does look black in certain light, but it’s got enough variation and color to bring out the detail in the hat, as you can see above.  I got the pattern for the hat out of a 2008 once-a-day knitting calendar that I got a creative reuse store.  Some of the patterns in that calendar are dated, but I did like the Fishtail Hat pattern I found in it.  Come to think of it, take a look at it over on Ravelry.

So, if you ever want to be pals over on reddit, I’m jennabee25.


Kickoff Party

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project has its kickoff party on Sunday, September 7, 2015 at The Arch in Lancaster, PA.  We had a nice time!  It turned in a good time of conversation, knitting and crocheting, and noshing.

I took two paper ream boxes full of scarves and and a few hats along to drop off.  I knit a total of 41 scarves and five hats.  Not bad for a summer’s worth of knitting.


My co-worker Heather got me a lot of the yarn from yard sales, some of which was a TON of frogged Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.  That made knitting scarves pretty fast.  There’s a whole variety of patterns and yarn types in that big pile above.

See, the reason why I knit so many scarves is that if I didn’t know what to knit, I knit a scarf.  Since summer usually isn’t a big time to wear hand knit garments, always having something on my needles was easy since I wasn’t knitting sweaters.

For more information about The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project, go to the Facebook page, and we would love if you would donate some cash over on the GoFundMe page for the project.