FO Fun: Finished Alpaca Projects

Remember that beautiful skein of alpaca yarn that I showed off a few days go?  Here are the FO’s that I created from it.  It love these finished alpaca yarn projects!

First off, I knit I scarf.  I used a lacy rib stitch I got out of a book called The Essential Stitch Collection.  It’s a simple pattern that was easy to do while relaxing.

Here are few pictures of the project.  If you are interested, head on over to the project page on Ravelry, too.

When I finished the scarf, I noticed I I could probably get a hat out of what I had left.  So, I did.  Here is the Fishtail Hat!


The detail shot in the beginning of the post is actually from this hat.  I got the pattern out a 2008 page-a-day calendar with knitting patterns.  I got the collection at a creative reuse store.  Some of the patterns are a little dated, but most of them are pretty timeless, and I only recently have been referring to the collection for inspiration.  I sort of forgot about it, but rediscovered it when I was looking for something new to knit.

Again, if you are interested, here is the project page for this hat is available to see on Ravelry, as well.

So, that’s what I knit with my beautiful skein of alpaca yarn.  I quite pleased with the outcomes, and I am wearing them when I go outside today.



Crochet Hat Semi-Fail

I don’t crochet much.  I learned how to do the basics of it because some knitting patterns use it for edging and such.  So, I learned.

I decided to crochet a hat earlier this week, and above I’m modeling the results.  Eh, it looks ok, but nothing like the picture in the book I got the pattern out of.  Well, more like a larger, more bowl-shaped version.  Here’s the pattern I’m talking about on Ravelry.

To all you amazing crocheters out there, and I know you are, here are a few questions I have about crochet.  If anyone could provide answers, perhaps I will be able to do better crochet work.

  1.  When you make your starting chain to begin a new row, you are supposed to skip a crochet post and work into the next one.  Is the post directly below the new row chain, or, is the next one?
  2. When measuring gauge for crochet, such eight chain stitches equals two inches on a size H needle, do you count the initial slipknot?  How about the loop on the hook?
  3. When a pattern says make a dc, for example, into the ch-3 below, but the previous row had no chain three, do they mean the chain in the beginning?

Any answers and beginner hat pattern suggestions would be most welcome.  I can do a scarf, quite easily, I will say, but I would like to expand my crochet horizons.  Help!

Daredevil Hat

It’s not secret right now that I’m insanely into the comic book superhero Daredevil.  It started with the Netflix show (which of course you need to watch).  It just went wild from them.  Of course my fandom was going to influence my knitting!

I used a combination of patterns to make the the hat.  Doris Kenney’s Super Easy Chullo pattern, and The Adults-Only Devil Hat from the Debbie Stoller’s Stitch N Bitch book.  (You’ll need to log into Ravelry to look at the patterns.)  I also attempted duplicate stitching for Daredevil’s DD logo, and, when I got frustrated with that, I switched over to whip stitch embroidery, sort of.

It turned out ok, in my opinion as the maker of this hat.  The one horn turned out more teddy bear ear than horn.  And I know Daredevil doesn’t have a tail, but I couldn’t resist the tail parts of the hat.

Close up of the stitched DD logo

So, I’m considering this a prototype.  Something to perfect.  It didn’t take too long to knit, and only used two small skeins of two different red worsted weight yarn, size US 9 needles, as least for my gauge.

That’s my Daredevil hat.  Have you ever knit something for a fandom?  How did it turn out?  Link me some photos!