Ephrata Arts and Crafts Fest

I want to cross-post from my hooping blog, Jennabee Hoops, that I will be at the Ephrata Arts and Crafts Fest on Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 9am-3pm promoting hooping, but I will also have some lovely handmade things, besides handmade hoops, for sale.

If you are in the area, I’d love to see you there!  I’ll have a hoop you can try your hand at waist hooping with, free stickers (only if you try to hoop!), feathery fascinators, handmade jewelry, and some fun handknit things, too.  I may even try busking if I’m near the music and have someone to cover for me at my booth.

It should be a good time, and the weather looks decent, but hot.  Come on out and support local Ephrata, PA businesses and artisans!


Mother’s Day Success!

Yay!  My handmade Mother’s Day gifts were a success!

I made Tuscon Shawl found in 101 Designer Yarn Stash Wonders.  It’s an easy lace pattern, and one that enjoy doing.  It’s easy to do these shawls while watching TV and such.

My mom opened hers up and loved it.  She wore it work today and it was a huge hit with her coworkers.

My mother-in-law raved about hers, too.  Her’s is the one featured above.  She really liked it!

I gave one to my Aunt Ellen, as well.  She was very excited to get it, as she is going on vacation soon and needed a shawl or covering for her head and neck.

Aunt Suzy, I apologize that you know what you are getting.  I’m going to mail it to you, and you should have it in a few days!

So, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoyed it with the mother-figures in your life.


Fed Up With Online Selling

Maybe it’s the No BS mood I’ve been in lately, but I am completely and totally fed up with online selling.

I’ve tried Etsy.  I’ve tried a local website called ShopLancaster.  I have taken photos, ran coupons, and had sales.  No luck.  And that’s just for handmade stuff.  I’m not even going to go into the misery I’ve ran into with photography.

That’s it.  I’m out.  At least for now.

I’ve done better with word of mouth and inviting people over to my home for handmade shopping.

I quit the craft show thing a while ago.  It’s just not worth the time or effort for me.  No one wants to pay for the quality and time of a hand knit item, at least in my area, they don’t seem to.

I know, sound whiny, but I need to rant.  Maybe I can save some other crafter out there some agony by helping them make the decision NOT TO SELL ONLINE.  The return of investment, at least for me, just isn’t worth it.

Knitting Time Calculator

I recently saw on Facebook a brilliant Google Form that helps you calculate the cost and time of what a knitter would have to do if you wanted him/her to make you something.  Knitters, and crocheters, for that matter, it’s definitely worth looking into.  Those who are curious about what goes into a handmade item, take a look, too.  It will tell you a little bit about what goes into the creation of a knit item.


I did not create this calculator, but rather Gladys over at Yarn Floozies came up with it.  This particular blog doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while, but there’s some good information over there, anyway.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a calculator like this, knitter/crocheter or not.