Mother’s Day Success!

Yay!  My handmade Mother’s Day gifts were a success!

I made Tuscon Shawl found in 101 Designer Yarn Stash Wonders.  It’s an easy lace pattern, and one that enjoy doing.  It’s easy to do these shawls while watching TV and such.

My mom opened hers up and loved it.  She wore it work today and it was a huge hit with her coworkers.

My mother-in-law raved about hers, too.  Her’s is the one featured above.  She really liked it!

I gave one to my Aunt Ellen, as well.  She was very excited to get it, as she is going on vacation soon and needed a shawl or covering for her head and neck.

Aunt Suzy, I apologize that you know what you are getting.  I’m going to mail it to you, and you should have it in a few days!

So, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoyed it with the mother-figures in your life.



Mother’s Day Prep

I wish I could show you guys what projects I’ve been prepping for Mother’s Day.  They are gorgeous.

The gifts have had their final finishing work done, and are ready to be wrapped and given to their matriarchal recipients on Sunday.  I just can’t show you a photo of them yet, so you’ll have to wait until the gifts have been given!

First off, that’s my mom Kathy up in the featured photo up there.  I look just like her! She’s a fantastic lady.

My mother-in-law Cindy is a fantastic lady, too!  I’m fortunate to have to two mother figures that are wonderful.

Oh, and my two aunts, Aunt Ellen and Aunt Suzy…..I didn’t forget about you two amazing ladies!

As for the projects, they are are all similar.  What I can tell you is that:

  • A. They are knit.
  • B.  They are gorgeous.
  • C.  I can’t wait to give them out!

What have you been prepping for Mother’s Day?  I’d love to hear about your projects, no matter how clandestine they may be.

Crafty Christmas Gifts

I hope that you had a great Christmas!  I did.

I want to talk about crafty Christmas presents, not ones that I received, but rather ones I gave to people, (and forgot to take photos of.)

The first was that I actually crocheted a blanket for my niece, Allie.  Her mother was thrilled to pieces.  Allie was otherwise occupied with other toys and wasn’t interested in a blanket.  She’s two, so I can understand that!  I rolled up an adorable outfit and cute pj’s in the blanket and tied a pretty green ribbon around it.  I was quite proud of it!

My hope for the blanket is that one day Allie will be old enough that when she uses the blanket, she will think of her Aunt Jenn.

The other handmade gift I gave out was a chunky infinity cowl I knit for my mother, who was quite delighted with it.  She wore it right after she opened it.  That always makes me happy when people do that with something I made.

I also made a few other gifts, but those people haven’t received them yet, so I can’t tell you about them at this time.

I hope that everyone YOU crafted for appreciated your hard work and thoughtfulness.  I’m glad my family does.