Crocheting Like a Mad Woman

Sometimes I like to mix things up and do a little crochet for a while.  This past weekend I was crocheting like a mad woman!  I finished the above elephant, yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be, and did another project, too.

What really inspired me to do this was to up my crochet game a little bit.  I wanted to learn mostly how to decrease and increase stitches.  I did accomplish decreasing with said elephant above.

I learned that from an impulse buy magazine that I got at the grocery store check out line.  It’s simply called “Crochet” and is put out by PIL.

Crochet by PIL

It’s actually a pretty decent book!  It takes you through the basic techniques of crochet, and gives you eleven projects you can do with your newly learned skills.  The elephant is one.

Beady eyed elephant

Elephant from the side.

Yeah, he’s over stuffed, but he’s cute.  I like this stuffie!  Now, I’m suddenly interested in amigurumi.

Second, I did a case for my Nintendo 2DS, using the tablet case pattern from the above book.  I just didn’t do the cool chevron pattern repeat as much, since my 2DS is a bit smaller than a tablet.

Crochet 2DS case

So, that’s what I accomplished over the weekend!  Crocheting is always a nice change of pace for me, since I’m still pretty much learning the basics of it.  It’s fun!


Feathery Fascinators

I was recently in a dance recital, and my partner and I for one of the numbers I were in needed something for our hair.  We decided to wear black and red, and our choreographer suggested pretty fascintors.  I thought, hey, I can make those!  So I did.  Feathery fascinators are fun to make, and with some black and red feathers, which a local art store luckily had, barrettes (which I had), and some other supplies, like sequins and glitter paint, we had feathery fascinators!

Feathery Fascinator #2

The hairpieces looked great with our outfits, and our hoop dance number went beautifully.

I have been making more fascinators and using glitter glue to make pretty barrettes, too.  I will have to post pictures of those pieces when soon.  I may sell them at upcoming craft shows.

That’s what I’ve been doing crafty-wise, besides knitting.  It’s been fun to do something a little different.  Perhaps a tutorial is order for feathery fascinators, too.  Hmmmm……

Complete and Utter Failure

Ever spend an entire day on one project, make a mistake, and realize that entire thing needs to be scrapped?  Yeah, that was my Sunday.

I was working on a piece of a baby sweater, and totally forgot to bind off on part of the sleeves for the one side.  It’s in yarn, too, that’s nearly impossible to take off what I had bound off and rip out.  As a result, an entire day’s work ended up in complete and utter failure.

Eh, at least I have enough yarn to start over and still complete the project.  And I did start over.

When I realized that what I had done couldn’t be saved, I actually laughed.  What else was I going to do?  A few years ago when I started knitting, I probably would have broke down into tears, but I probably still would have started again.

What have I learned between my knitting beginnings and now?  Failure is a part of the process.  It’s going to happen, you deal with it, and start over.  And make sure you pay extra special attention to the pattern this time.  Yes.

My advice to you?  Don’t let failure get you down.  As I said, it a part of what we do as crafters, and it’s going to happen.  Just start over and keep trying!

The Big WUL Giveaway Image

I know I keep on going on and on about The Wrap Up, Lancaster! Project’s fundraising giveaway, The Big WUL Giveaway, but it does end at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Eastern Standard Time. We will gladly ship certain items to winners located outside the Lancaster, PA, USA area, and there’s plenty of great stuff that we can do that with!

Stash Flash: WUL Haul

Wahoo!  New yarn! The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) received a HUGE yarn donation to be turned into items that are handcrafted for the scarf bombings.  Angelia has already had one donation distribution, and is planning on another THIS WEDNESDAY (May 18, 2016) in the Lancaster, PA A.C. Moore’s parking lot facing Oregon Pike, 5PM-6:30PM.  Keep in mind, this isn’t free yarn to do what you wish with, but rather to make scarves, hats, mittens, cowls, etc. for the project to distribute.

There’s some goooood stuff in the haul I was able to carry……since I forgot to bring a bag!  Don’t forget to bring a bag!

For example, there’s a lot of unlabeled wool yarn, but you can tell it’s wool due to the texture.  Some is labeled.  I also grabbed some good acrylic yarn from the stash because I liked the colors, plus it’s easier to take care of for most people.

I think the big brown ball in the foreground of the photo is some Juniper Moon fingering yarn.  I’m going to make something special for the project to distribute from that.

I most picked a lot of the yarn because I liked the color, to be honest, or it was wool, or looked cool.

So, if you want to help out WUL and need yarn to do so, go over to the WUL Facebook page for more information.  Happy knitting!

3 Stash Diving Lessons Learned

I need to face it; I have a large yarn stash.  I think all knitters do, really.

Lately, for inspiration, I’ve diving through my stash to get ideas.  It’s been a good exercise to find things that I had initially forgot about, really.  I tend to grab yarn from same bin right beside my spot on the couch.  Going through my yarn stash has forced me to take inventory of what I actually do have.

Here three things I’ve learned about my stash collecting habits from the past few days.

  1.  I have a lot of yellow yarn.  And I’m not even a fan of the color yellow.  I mean, I like it, but it’s not my first choice in color selection.  No matter how I obtained it, I don’t tend to use it often, so I have a lot of it.  Yellow everywhere!  I’m starting to use it now for chemo hats, as it a bright and cheery color and some people do like it.
  2. I have a lot of mystery weight yarn.  A lot of what I have doesn’t have labels on it.  That means I’m going to have to get my inch measuring tool out and figure it out.  Or, I can just knit a scarf on whatever the heck needles I want with it.  There.  Problem solved.
  3.  I have a lot of cool odds and ends of yarn.  I think this another concept other knitters can relate to when it comes to their stash.  We tend to keep pretty bits of a ball of yarn that we can’t bear not to use.  But, what will we use it for?  I have small balls of chunky wool yarn that I want to integrate into a project, but I’m still figuring out how.  I’ll think of something.

That’s what I’ve learned from diving though my stash of yarn.  It’s been a pretty interesting learning experience.  I’ve used up quite a bit of weird stuff already, and it been fun, actually.  Duh!  I need to keep doing this.


3 Green Things

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.  Having red hair and loving the color green, it’s a color scheme that fits me.  I LOVE GREEN.

I want to share three projects from the past, not including the cable practice swatch above, that feature the color green.  Erin Go Bragh!

Emerald Isle Headband



Kollobora used to do these themed Friday project ideas, and one of them had to do with green, so I whipped up this headband.  I still have it.  I may wear it tomorrow.  In fact, I think I shall!

Kollabora is neat website for high-end crafting.  I recommend popping over there and taking a gander.

My Container Garden From Last Year


This was last year’s container garden at its peak, with all of its leafy herby and veggie goodness.   I actually kept up with it pretty well!  Since the original posts about this venture were written during The Two-is Year Gap, I don’t have them to link.  Drat.  At least you can see what I produced from last year’s crop!


Wire-knit Beaded Bracelet


Every now and then I dabble in beading, usually knitting or crocheting the wire.  I used to bead A LOT before I started knitting, so I had a lot of the supplies around ready to go when I started experimenting with wire knitting or crochet.  Jump in the wayback machine and read about this project, it’s one of the first things I wrote about when I started craft blogging.

Non-Green Bonus Saint Patrick’s Day Thing:  Patrick!

Patrick Sitting Like a Good Boy


Patrick was my dog, and his birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Well, you can figure out how we named him. Here is Patrick on his tenth birthday, on a walk with a toy in his mouth when he as just about a his happiest. He was a great dog and I and my family miss him very much.

Now, go get your green on, or I’ll pinch ya!

Put a Bird on it!

And call it art!

Man, I love Portlandia.

We had a massive snowstorm here over the weekend.  Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to paint the birdhouse my father-in-law gave me a while ago to paint.  I should’ve done it sooner, really.

I also have some lovely step-by-step photos of the process it took to paint said birdhouse.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the portable hard drive along with me today.  Rats.  You’ll see them in the next few days, along with the completed project.  I’ll give you more details about what I did then, too.

So, that’s how I spent part of Snowmageddon 2016 here in PA.