Five Things Friday

I thought doing a “Five Things Friday” would be fun.  Some are knitting/crafting related, and some aren’t.  Still, they are fun and should, and that’s what Friday’s all about, right?

  1.  Happy Birthday to my husband, Sam!!!  He’s celebrating his special day today, and I love him very much. Yes, I knit him that hat he is wearing.
  2.  Cool knitting tattoos:  I saw an article featuring them today, and thought they’d be neat to share.
  3.  MUSE:  One of my favorite bands won a Grammy!
  4.  Hockey Day in America is on Sunday, and here’s I hat I knit for said event in support of my favorite team.  Let’s go, Flyers!  0bcbb-img_1176_edited-1_236x2405.  An oldie, but a goodie blast from the past post:  Bob the SweaterFrom Knitty 2003 Summer edition