Art Abandonment

So, I was walking back into my building after my afternoon break, and the above note cards and a, well, note, was attached to them proclaiming that these lovely pen and ink note cards are mine to keep!  How cool is that?!

There were two e-mail addresses on the note, too:  one for the project and one for the artist.  I e-mailed both and let them know that their art is in good hands.

Oh!  Links!  Here’s their Facebook page:  Art Abandonment

There’s a website, too.

Included in my e-mail, I spoke how I participate in a similar endeavor with The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project.    It’s sort of the same thing!  We’re both giving out something that we made for people to enjoy.

I joined the Facebook group.  I may actually participate in some of their art abandonment challenges.