Zombie Plague Recovery

The Zombie Plague…yeeesh.  I’m still suffering from its effects.  Luckily, my doctor has put me on Prednisone, and it is helping.  I itch, but I’m better. Despite my relative silence here, I have been crafting, knitting up a storm.  Chunky yarn makes for quick scarves and therefore Christmas presents.  I got a lot done! I’m […]

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I’m thankful that the Zombie Plague is healing up.  I wasn’t able to go to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family today due to it being contagious.  My DH and I are eating at home tonight:  a vegetarian feast complete with a pumpkin pie and corn muffins.  I’m thankful for a warm home and someone […]

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The Zombie Plague

I have what my DH has dubbed “The Zombie Plague.”  Let’s just say I’m itchy and I have a hunger for braiiiiins.  Despite  the ZP, I have gotten a lot of knitting done.  I’ve finished my Christmas hat (pics coming when I’m healed up), knit a scarf in chunky yarn, and am working on a […]

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