Tired and Wired

I have been in the midst of a huge project at work that I hope to be finished with by the end of the week (fingers crossed), and have been so freaking tired when I get home.  I basically eat, flop on the couch, zone out, and sleep.  Still, I have been crafting;  knitting on my breaks and doing some sort of crochet at home, actually, with unusual things.  One of them?  Wire.

I have been dabbling in wire crochet!  Armed with different beads and 28 gauge wire, I have been seeing what funky things I can come up with crocheting wire.  I’ve done a few bracelets at this point.  It’s a nice change of pace, to be honest. 

This is one I did with the said wire and some leftover Swarovski crystal beads that I had left over from a beading project long ago.  Not bad!  Please excuse my hairy arms.

I have tried wire crochet before, but I’m having MUCH better results this time.  Here’s another one I did, too.  It’s fun and gives me something new to do while I’m overloading on work.


Trying Wire Crochet

I’ve been playing with wire crochet for a few nights, and I’m not sure how I like it.  I’ve done a few practices with glass beads that I have, and I think they turned out pretty, but I need to practice. 

It’s all basically chain stitch with a Size G crochet hook.  I have some clasps and such that I still have from a previous beading supply purge.  

Here’s what I came up with.

This was the first strand that I practiced with.  I didn’t cut enough wire, so it was just a test strand, I suppose.

Bracelet 1:  I crocheted two different strands with glass beads, wrapped them together, an linked them with jump rings and a toggle clasp.  The jump rings are cheap and do not stay closed.  And it needs a bigger clasp.

Bracelet 2:  I used a thinner type of wire this time.  It’s only one strand with alternating amber glass and green glass beads.

It’s sort of hard to find tutorials on this internet about wire crochet jewelry that aren’t videos.  I’ll probably play with this a little more over the weekend, and will post those results here.  And, perhaps I will have a decision whether I like, or have the patience, for more intricate crochet wire work.