Four Projects Down! But…..

I got four orphaned projects done this weekend, three of which I found, but two only needed finishing work, and the third, I needed to finish the rest of of the project and finish it, but it was small.  Here’s what I did.

So, I accomplished something this weekend!  Yay! 


Works In Progress: Update One

Yay!  I finished my lacy poncho!  It’s done!  But, I found another project that I had completely forgotten about in my one project bag.

I had started this scarf as cables practice back in October/September.  I had started it over because I was doing the cables incorrectly.  So, I did that.  And never finished the scarf.

Well, I’m working on finishing it now.  One problem:  I threw out the pattern.  D’oh!  Eh, I’ll just wing it.  I can follow the ribbing pattern by the stitches themselves, and I’ll just twist the cable stitches whenever I dang well feel like it. 

So, one down, another found.  I will get there.  One day.

The Small Stuff

My little poll on the right hand side there seems to point overwhelmingly, though votes were few, to catching up on small stuff.  And I have been.  Here’s what I’ve caught up on:  I’ve finished a baby hammock prop for a friend and fellow photographer, a pair of fingerless mitts for a person from where I work, and a hat for a Christmas present. 
What I need to do yet:  Finish another pair of mitts for another person at work (one mitt is done, and I am working on the second), a knit backpack which is near finished, and a scarf for another present. 
I’m chugging along. I’m going to focus on Christmas now, since it is the beginning of November…ALREADY.  Where did this year go? 
I’m going to keep working on the small stuff because I have a lot of ideas and much to do.