The two big ones? DONE.

I have finished my two garments that were previously in WIP status!

First, my red sweater is done!  And it is way to big for me.  Boo!  I did a swatch and everything!  I guess I didn’t calculate something correctly.  It seems whenever I do a Lion Brand Yarn pattern, it turns out too big, even though I do a swatch, and pick my correct size.  Lesson?  Be more careful with their patterns.  Anyone else run into this?

Second, my Yipes!  Stripes! Vest is done now, too.  It’s not that bad!  I added some “mistakes” for interest on it.  I did this one for Kollabora’s Friday Challenge that they had a while back and only now finished it.

What’s left?  Just my lacy little purple wristers.  Therefore, I’m removing the moratorium on myself from starting other projects due to the fact that I can only do lacy things when I have time to concentrate or am not dead tired.  Still, they are a priority. 

I did it!


Knitting Fear 1: The Shinty Vest

Berroco’s Shinty Vest.  It had haunted me for close to a year now, but I conquered that project and am wearing it today.  Here’s what happened and why this is a knitting fear.
Closeup of the vest. 
Last year, almost exactly one year, I started a class for this pattern.  It was the first garment that I tackled.  The classes were fine, but this vest brought me so much frustration. Why? I hadn’t learned to properly read a pattern yet. 
Still, I muddled through it and managed to finish the body.  Then came the worst knitting fear of them all: picking up stitches for the band.  I was so flummoxed and frustrated.  I stuffed the project in its bag and left it sit, always in the back of my mind of as an example of what I felt was incompetence.
A few days ago, I picked this vest back up, almost a year after I stopped.  I started to pick up stitches with a lot more ease.  And reading and comprehending the pattern was a LOT easier.  See what difference a year makes?
The lesson?  Don’t give up, even if it means putting something down for a long period of time.  As you gain more experience as a knitter, things that at one time seemed daunting are now doable.  Two fears were conquered with this one:  picking up stitches and reading a pattern that I once thought to difficult.