The two big ones? DONE.

I have finished my two garments that were previously in WIP status!

First, my red sweater is done!  And it is way to big for me.  Boo!  I did a swatch and everything!  I guess I didn’t calculate something correctly.  It seems whenever I do a Lion Brand Yarn pattern, it turns out too big, even though I do a swatch, and pick my correct size.  Lesson?  Be more careful with their patterns.  Anyone else run into this?

Second, my Yipes!  Stripes! Vest is done now, too.  It’s not that bad!  I added some “mistakes” for interest on it.  I did this one for Kollabora’s Friday Challenge that they had a while back and only now finished it.

What’s left?  Just my lacy little purple wristers.  Therefore, I’m removing the moratorium on myself from starting other projects due to the fact that I can only do lacy things when I have time to concentrate or am not dead tired.  Still, they are a priority. 

I did it!


Still Knitting, Of Course

Of course I’m still knitting in between learning to spin.  Spinning is just shiny and new right now, and I’m excited about it.  Right now, I am knitting myself my Christmas present.

I’m currently knitting the Garter Rows Pullover from Lion Brand Yarns, which I’ve had my eye on for quite a long time, to be honest.  It’s mostly garter stitch and doesn’t seem to have too much shaping to it, and is good TV knitting.

I like LBY’s patterns.  Though they tend to reuse patterns in different yarn on their site, Garter Rows seems to be a unique animal there.  I’m knitting mine in their demonstration color, Ranch Red in Wool-Ease.  Anyway, LBY’s patterns generally easy to understand and well-written.  Sometimes I think their sizing may be off, even though my gauge swatch comes out correctly on the suggested needles.  I will see how this sweater turns out.

I’m also working on a Fair Isle hat pattern that I hope to have ready to go by the end of the month.

See?  Still knitting. 

It’s June and why am I knitting a sweater?

I’ll tell you why.  It’s freezing in my office, and I can’t find a cardigan that I like.  So, I found one to knit!

I just decided to do this last weekend.  I had the yarn already for another sweater I wanted to do, but I hadn’t bonded with the pattern.  This one, Raglan Sleeve Topper from Lion Brand Yarns, seemed to be a nice pattern.  So far, so good.  I have the back done, and am now working on one of the front panels.  Rather than the brightly colored yarn used in the sample, I’m using the same brand of yarn in variegated gray tones, something that would go with most outfits.

I really should apologize for my lack of posts.  First excuse, I’ve been really busy, and I need to take more time to post here.  Second excuse, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my back and am receiving steroid shots on a periodic basis for the pain.  I just had the last in a series of three today. 

Hopefully, I’ll be better and more motivated for other crafting, too.  I have a few sewing projects I want to do, and want to get some more paracord crafting done.  Stay tuned!

Bob the Sweater

The weather gets warm and what do I do:  I knit a sweater!  Actually, it’s a summer sweater and made out of an acrylic/cotton blend.
I like this sweater.  It’s called Bob and showed up in the Summer 2003 edition of Knitty.  I don’t know why it’s called Bob, but it is. 
This took me about three weeks or so to complete, which is pretty good for a sweater. It’s a fairly easy pattern to understand, but there is a little math involved since there are raglan decreases. 
The one thing I would change about this pattern is my fault, as I would make a smaller size.  Otherwise, it’s a nice, fitted sweater.  I’m glad I found Bob.  

Long Lean Sweater Finale: DONE!

You’ve read about me knitting this sweater for quite some time now, and it is finally time to unveil the final product!  Here is it, blocked and being worn.  I love, love, love it!  Someone asked me today where I bought it from.  That made my morning. 
Thank you for sticking with me while I knit this.  I hope you enjoyed watching my progress.  I certainly enjoyed your comments and support.  And, of course, knitting the sweater.
Now it’s on to other things.  From the looks of the poll, I should be sticking to smaller projects, and that is certainly a good point with Christmas on its way.  I have a few items that people have requested and presents to knit. 

Long Lean Sweater: Week 7 Almost there!

I cannot wait to wear this sweater!  Still, it needed to be blocked, and as you can see, here it is unblocked and while it is being blocked.  I hope I did it right.  It needs to dry for a while, but it should be ready by Wednesday.  I am going to be rocking my first sweater!
Blocked and Drying
I used this cool wool wash to while soaking it called Eucalan.  It’s lovely.  It makes the Noro yarn nice and soft.  I got the unscented kind, but it comes in a range of scents.  LYS’s usually carry it, so go grab some for your next project.

Oh, don’t forget to vote in the poll in the right hand side.  What should I do next?  I’m having a hard time deciding.

Long Lean Sweater Weeks 5 & 6

I am in the home stretch!  All I have to do is finish the border, sew the side seams, do the pocket borders and sew them together, and block.  This is exciting!
Since I didn’t update last week on my progress, I finished both sleeves and the back.  The back took FOREVER to finish.  The sleeves were a fairly quick process.  I was able to put most of the parts together at class on Saturday and start picking up stitches for the border. 
I am chomping at the bit to be finished with this project.  I even have my outfit planned out to wear with the sweater.  That is silly, but that is how much I want to show off this piece. 
I know this picture show the sweater in a big bunched up ball, but with the hojillion (which is 398 or so) stitches on one needle, this is how it has to be for a photo this week.   I would love to show the pieces that I have sewn together better and how the look on me, though.