Learning Cables

On Wednesday I got six pain management shots in my back.  Yeah, it is as fun as it sounds.  Last time, it was eight.
Later, after all the sedation and had worn off, I found myself on the couch watching daytime TV, as that was pretty all I was allowed to do that day.  I was restless, so I decided to teach myself a new knitting technique.
Cables!  They always scared me.  How do they twist?  What makes them do that?  How on earth am I going to manage them?  I had cable needles, so I decided to take the plunge.  I grabbed some yarn and went for it.
Turns out, easy peasy, at least the basic patterns are.  What was I so afraid of?
Now, I still had a little trouble juggling the needles and yarn, but I’ll learn.  Practice, practice, practice!
Here are two of the swatches I managed.  One is a basic cable, and the other is braid cable.  I might tackle a real pattern with cables this weekend or sometime in the near future.  Here’s to learning!

When did I become a lace knitter?

So, I’ve noticed something lately when knitting.  I knit A LOT of simple lace.  The funny thing is that lace knitting sort of scares me with its intricate decreases, yarnovers, and charts.  Still, simple lace has become a way of knitting for me.  Is this a leap into complex lace?  Time will tell, I suppose. 
As an example of said lace knitting, here is a swatch of a fan and scallop cloth I did in cotton yarn.  Looks sort of pretty, I think.