As many of you know, I’m a regular writer for Squidoo’s So Crafty magazine.  Recently, a new Squidoo magazine named Cozy was released.  Cozy will feature how to decorate and give your home a personalized style when you have a small space, a small budget, or both.  I will be a writer for Cozy, as well.

I admit, though, I’m not much of a decorator, but I do have some DIY tricks up my sleeve.  Crafting and decorating, I’m learning, go hand in hand, and I’m getting some great ideas to write about. 

I recommend checking out Cozy.  It’s already chock-full of great ideas and tips. 


Knitting and Health

Stephanie Mangino over at So Crafty brought this article to my attention.  “Learn to Knit and Improve Your Health!,” from, is an interesting article.  As a knitter, I believe, yes, knitting is good for your health, but I am biased.  At least I know it’s good for mine.

I encourage you to read the article.  What positive things has knitting and/or crocheting brought into your life?  What have you learned?  Is it therapeutic?  I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this article.

"So Crafty", Squidoo’s New Online Magazine

I really like Squidoo’s online magazines, and recently have been included in one that just launched yesterday….So Crafty!  I am a fairly active lensmaster over there, and have a few crafting lenses (basic web pages that feature a topic).  I am also going to be writing for So Crafty about once a month.
I encourage you to check So Crafty out and “Like” them on Facebook.  There are all sorts of great Squidoo lenses out there about different crafting topics, and I’m glad that they have a magazine now to feature them.  I am also excited to be a writer for the magazine, as well.   
I’m planning on my first article being a book review, and I already have one in mind.  For you, though, it’s going to be a surprise until it’s published. Keep a lookout here and I will let you all know when the article is published. 
So Crafty is also looking for other writers to feature!  Click on the appropriate link on their page.  Also, to be included in So Crafty, join up on Squidoo and write about a crafting topic you love.  It’s great exposure and lots of fun!
If you are curious as to what a lens is, here are a few links to some of mine: