As many of you know, I’m a regular writer for Squidoo’s So Crafty magazine.  Recently, a new Squidoo magazine named Cozy was released.  Cozy will feature how to decorate and give your home a personalized style when you have a small space, a small budget, or both.  I will be a writer for Cozy, as […]

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Knitting and Health

Stephanie Mangino over at So Crafty brought this article to my attention.  “Learn to Knit and Improve Your Health!,” from, is an interesting article.  As a knitter, I believe, yes, knitting is good for your health, but I am biased.  At least I know it’s good for mine. I encourage you to read the […]

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Interviewed and Featured!

I have the proud honor of being selected as So Crafty’s Crafter Spotlight for this week!  I am excited to share this with you and want to encourage you to check out So Crafty.  I know I push it this site a lot here, but it really is a great resource for all crafters.  

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