Snowflake Gala Wrap Up

So, the Snowflake Gala was yesterday.  After one month of intense preparation and hard work, I sold….one hat.  And bartered with a jewelry vendor for another hat.  Needless to say, I am disappointed and a bit soured on the idea of doing something like this again.

On a positive note, I spent some awesome time with Deb and met a lot of nice people, most of whom said I have lovely things.m  I made two new friends, Patsy and Sandy, who were both other vendors at the show.  I even got to encourage a beginner knitter in her endeavors in learning more. 

Sitting here and writing this is like opening up sore wound.  I am down and out.  All that hard work feels so wasted and I’m left with a lot of unsold knitted items, a lot of things I purchased in preparation for the event, and a whole lot of glumness. 

I’m not sure if I would participate as a vendor in the Snowflake Gala again.  I will exhibit work there, but I won’t sell anything like this.  People simply aren’t there at the event to purchase work.  They are there for the performances, and the vendors are just as a diversion on the breaks. 

I might consider doing a regular craft show, but my enthusiasm about the idea is definitely dulled.  Profits from the one hat I did sell?  That went toward a delicious Chinese dinner with Deb after the event.  At least I got fed.

I’m going to post one photo from the event, and that is a closeup of one of my displays so I can show what I did have to offer.  I’m just that soured on the whole event to show more.


Getting Ready for a Craft Show

I’m still excited about the Snowflake Gala!  Now I’m stressed out getting ready.  Luckily, I have framed photos for that part of the show, and lots of matted photos to sell, but I also have to get knitted and beaded stuff together to sell for the gala itself.
I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of quick knits to sell.  I already have enough jewelry ready to go, but I need to focus on the knitting end of things.  Ideas I have:  little pouches, eReader cases knit in thick yarn, hats, and chunky scarves.  Most of these can be knit fairly quickly.
Do you have any ideas for quick items to knit and sell?  Any advice you could offer would be most excellent and appreciated.

Beading Night: The Snowflake Gala

Deb did come over last night, but we didn’t bead, but rather planned.  As I mentioned before, Deb is a fantastic artist, and I am a photographer.  She and I are going to be participating in and event called the Snowflake Gala.  Not only are we both exhibiting, but we are also going to be sharing a table of beaded jewelry, photography, and knitted items.  It should be an exciting event!
Below is an event flyer for you to check out.  If you are in the area, we would love to see you there!  The exhibit itself runs for during the month of February.  Click on the flyer and you will go the web site for the event for more information.  Come out and support local arts, ministry, and members of our community.