OT: The flu that isn’t the flu.

Sorry about another “off topic” post.  I have been sick with a virus that imitates influenza, or a paravirus, as my doctor described it.  And I feel crummy.

Yesterday was filled with knitting, Gordon Ramsey on BBC, and naps.  I was home and quite under the weather.  I’m back on my feet today, but I still am a bit out of it. 

Well, back to pushing fluids and painkillers.  I ache all over.  Not fun. 


OT: I’m sick.

Blah.  It’s true.  I am under the weather, so I’m not sure how much updating I will be doing here this week, but I do I have a lot to write about when I am better.  Stupid kidney/bladder infection.  I just wanted to check in with you guys to know that I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’m still knitting and doing crafty things, in between getting myself healthy.  In the meantime, why not leave me a comment as to what you are working on right now? It’s October, it’s getting cool, and the itch to wear knitted things is getting strong.  I want to know what’s on your needles or hooks!