It Fits!!

I actually knit myself something that isn’t overly huge.  And I’m proud of it. 

It’s the Cotton Candy Stripes shrug found in the Summer issue of Love of Knitting.  I just picked up the magazine at a local grocery store and thought it had some nice projects in it.  This one seemed perfect.

 Here, is the shrug in its circular form.  How you do it?  Knit the back flat, don’t cut your yarn and pick up and knit the cast on edge.  It’s a lot of stitches for that lace ribbing, but it tend to go quickly the more you knit.  I will say binding off was tedious, though.

Below, you can see me in smug pride showing my newest piece.  My DH took the photos.  Want to see the details?  Check it out on Ravelry.


Cutting into my Knitting

I did something bad.  I cut into my knitted work and it wasn’t for steeks. 
And I don’t regret it at all.  I got the final product I wanted out it, so I wasn’t all that naughty.  Most knitters, myself included, cringe at the thought of taking scissors to an FO.  In this case, I wanted a particular result and I didn’t get it the first way, so I grabbed my scissors and took the plunge.
Mi’raj Shrug sans band.

I completed my Mi’raj Shrug last Monday in the car on the way to the beach with my husband.  It was also our seventh wedding anniversary, but I just felt like putting that it because, why not?  Anyway, there is an optional band you can knit for this shrug, and I took the option to do so.  Now, I had tried on the shrug WITHOUT the band and it looked lovely, so I though the band would be a nice finishing touch.  Either I didn’t do something right, but it didn’t.

When I had finished completed the band from the picked up stitches in the inside circumference, I tried it on.  The band made the shrug too narrow for me to wear.  I did manage to get it on, but The Hubs had to help.  And I couldn’t take it off the shrug by myself, either.  If can’t take on and off a casual piece of clothing without assistance, there is something wrong. 
Rather than stuff the shrug in a trashcan at a rest stop, I decided to go back to what I had originally had:  a nice, comfortable shrug.  I grabbed my travel craft scissor and cut.  It was a terrifying experience. 
I managed to cut that band off.  I couldn’t unravel it because I had bound off and woven in my ends.  I would’ve had to have cut anyway.  I cut that bad boy off right down to the original edge where I had picked up my stitches for the band.  
Bingo!  I chopped that band off!  I had my shrug back and did it in the most unthinkable way possible!
I do not wish to do something like that again.  I should’ve listened to that little voice in the back of my head saying, “Leave it as is!” before I started that band. 
Would I recommend this pattern?  Yes!  It’s cute and fun to knit. Would I recommend knitting the band?  No.
This was a strangely exhilarating experience, and not one I care to repeat. 

Finished Shrug

I finished my little shrug!  And I wore it yesterday.  I really like it.  It’s a funky little sweater.  I probably should’ve knit it a size up, but it still fits, despite being a tad snug.  You can see the finished project here.

I was pretty pleased with the workshop on Craftsy, though I did think some things were assumed and could’ve been spelled out a little more, such as when told to change to a different size needle, another way to explain it would be to purl back with the new needle.  Just a thought.  Otherwise, it is a well done workshop, and I would recommend it to any new knitter looking to make a quick project where you can learn a lot of new techniques

One Skein Shrug Week One

Contrary to the results of my poll, I’ve decided to knit a shrug.  Keep in mind, though, I am caught up on my small stuff, so it’s time for another garment!  A quick-ish shrug seems like a good thing to do, especially since I was accepted in Craftsy’s workshop with Stefanie Japel called “One Skein Knit Shrug.”  You can find the pattern on Ravelry, too. 
I like the workshop, because each step is outlined with photos.  I like to compare what I’m doing against a visual aid, as I am mostly a visual learner. 
Last night I whipped up my gauge swatch, and started knitting.  I’m using Plymouth Galway wool yarn as a substitute for Cascade 220 in my project.  My LYS said Galway was a good alternative.  I chose a dark gray color, and I really like it. 
You can see the beginning of the shrug here, and it doesn’t look like much yet.  Still, if you look closely, you can see some of the increase details that are slowly coming into shape.  It’s looking up to be an interesting project.