Seventh Grade Patchwork Pillow

Last week I wrote about the fuzzy lips sewing kit that I did in seventh grade.  I found another project, a pillow, that I designed myself out of the scraps of cloth my grandmother had in her sewing room.  I used her sewing machine, too.  I’m surprised at my thirteen-year-old self’s ingenuity and creativity.  It seems like when we are younger, we have less fear in taking risks with our creativity.  I believe as we age, we are more afraid of what good creative things we can produce.  Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent.  Still, it’s food for thought.

I did try to quilt the pillow here, but was unsuccessful or just gave up on it, I don’t know.  I think someone suggested it, but I chickened out half way through.  Oh, well.  The funny thing about each of the patches, I  had clothing made from most of these pieces as a child, courtesy of my grandmother.  I had this awesome jumper from the white, green and frog fabric.  The yellow and blue on in the upper left corner of the pillow was cut from the same fabric as a favorite play clothing set of mine.  I can recall my grandmother having clothing herself from the yellow, yellow flowered, and blue and white striped fabric.  Out of the blue plaid one, Grandma had other clothing made from it, but I also designed myself a bag that I wish I could find and show you here.

I love this pillow, and I think I’m going to rip out the “quilting,” rip open the seam to stuff it better, and perhaps make it a bit more.  Something that my younger and current self have collaborated on.  Perhaps that creativity is still in there that I had as a kid.


Housekeeping and Haan Crafts

You’ve probably noticed I’ve done a few housekeeping things around here, like took the busy logo header off, and played with the columns.  I’ve got to come up with a good logo soon.  That’s something that I will play with down the road.  Right now, a big Impact font header will just have to do.

Now, on to the fun stuff!  Yesterday, I was going through some older things and came across some crafting endeavors as a middle schooler.  I had such aspirations as a tween to sew.  I even joined the sewing club in at school.  We would order these sewing kits out of a catalog and sew them up.  You could get all sorts of easy garments, bags, and stuffed animals, such as my pink furry lips here.  Yup, these are from seventh grade!

They were great kits.  The instructions were printed right on the wrong side of the fabric.  The places where you should make your stitches were even marked, too.  I was happy to see that Haan Crafts, the company that makes those great kits, is still in business and catering to schools.

What I was shocked to see was that they STILL sell the kit for those pink furry lips!  And they have a few other patterns still that I remember doing.  I feel….old.

If you have a child who wants to learn to sew, Haan Crafts is a great place to start.  The kits are easy to understand and give a great sense of accomplishment when finished.  I tried so hard as a kid to sew this stuff, but I was never any good at it.  I would get so frustrated, but, I loved that finished project.

Stupid Sock Creatures

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were at our local Barnes and Noble rummaging through the clearance books.  One book caught my eye.  It was Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.  I was intrigued.
I bought the book.  At a couple of bucks, why not?  Besides being an utterly hilarious book, Murphy provides concise and clean directions on how to create your own stupid sock creature.  Now, I’m not the best at following sewing directions, but I managed to eke out my own sock creature.  See him here?  His lips and legs are screwy, and not quite in line with Murphy’s creatures, but he’s not bad for a first attempt. 
Besides a being a sock creature creator, Murphy also sculpts, writes and is a great cartoonist.  In the back of the book is a comic featuring some of his creatures in a hilarious adventure.  My favorite is Jordan.  My creature is based off of Jordan’s pattern.
Stupid Creatures is Murphy’s web site, and has a new sock creature book coming out in October.  I will be buying it.  He also has a few other books available for sale, as well.  Look at the t-shirts, too.
Oh, and I haven’t figured out a name for my sock guy yet.  Any suggestions? 

September is National Sewing Month

Yes!  Break out your sewing machine and start sewing!  September is National Sewing Month, and I intend to sew myself something.  I am determined!

The sewing isn’t going to happen today, though.  I’m laid up with a sinus infection, so I’m doing my DIY self care.  Here’s what I do for my sinuses when I get sick:

  1. Nasal lavage or neti pot. It’s disgusting, but it works by cleaning out all the crap in your sinuses.
  2. Tea with buckwheat honey.  Buckwheat honey soothes throats and has anti-oxidants.
  3. Rest and fluids.

Still, if I get worse, I will go to the doctor. And so should you. 

Sewing Semi-Fail

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For the first time in a while, I got my sewing machine out over the weekend.  I made a dog bandana for the family dog, Patrick.  His Royal Furriness is a black and white field Springer spaniel, ten years old, and very active.  And he loves to wear bandanas.  Seriously!  Only the one I made him was WAY too big.  Hence the fail of this project.
I got the fabric at Wal-Mart and had a nice conversation with the lady working in the fabric and sewing section.  She apparently has three little dogs that she sews for, too.  I like the blue and black cotton fabric that resembles the bottom of a pool.  It looked nice on Patrick, and I have some left, so I will try again using this fabric.

Click here for a link to the site I got my directions from.  I believe I should follow them more carefully next time.  Still, I’m counting this only as a partial fail because I did manage to sew something that resembled what it should be.  Also, I was able to follow the directions, more or less.  So, I did have some success.  And my seams weren’t horrible, either. 
Next time, I need to pay more attention to the size I need to make.  Patrick wears a 19 inch collar, so I need to adjust for that next time.   I also have some other ideas for geeky dog bandanas once I get the pattern down.  Until next time, I will try again, and keep on trying until I get it right.
Anyone have a really big dog that would like a dog bandana?  First one to respond gets it.  Just leave me a comment, and we’ll work out the details.


Welcome to Ludicraft!  First off, as introductions must go, I’m Jenn, and I’m a nerdy crafter.  My main focus is knitting.  I also on occasion make beaded jewelry, and I want to get back into sewing.  Above all, though, I am a nerd.  And one that has been making crafty messes since she was a kid.  Oh, and I do a lot of photography and digital art, but that’s for another blog.
For a little into my crafting background, I enjoyed arts and crafts at camp, school, and often wanted to learn more.  When I was eight, my grandmother attempted to teach me to purl, and the results were disastrous.  Since that purled yarn made me cry, I decided to return to knitting in October 2010, older and not that much more mature, and have been hooked every since.  Yes, knitting still reduces me to tears every now and then, but I have the gumption to pick myself up and keep on trying.  And I’m so glad I am sticking with it.
Beading is another craft that I have picked up in my adult life.  Eh, I did enjoy playing with pony beads and such as a kid, but I enjoy a little jewelry making every now and then as an adult.  I get to play with prettier stuff now and have made some lovely things, if I do say so myself.
Sewing is something that I have had a love/hate relationship with, and right now my interested has been peaked in it every since a simple skirt pattern caught my eye in my local Wal-Mart’s crafting section.  I have sewn pillows and curtains before, but never an article of clothing.  My awesome mother-in-law helped with those projects, and is helping me with that skirt, too.  Talk about an awesome crafter and DIY-er, too; Cindy is good.
As for the nerdy part of the deal, that’s just me in a nutshell.  I love sci-fi, computers, and video games.  There are a lot of fandom projects out there, and I’ve tackled a few.  Crafting and being a nerd does collide.  And the collision of results is a lot of fun!  I won’t focus on nerdy projects all the time, but expect that nerdiness of me to influence a lot of what I do.
I invite you to follow and stick with me on this journey.  We’re going to make such a mess.