Linen Stitch Scarf WIP

I have a lot of fingering weight yarn left over from different projects, and they really don’t go together, with the exception of a linen stitch scarf.  Here’s the yarn I’m working with.

See?  Not really a matching set.  The purple/blue is from Allie’s dress, the brown is from a pair of socks I knit for a friend, and the multi-ball is from a pair of socks that I knit for myself. 

But, when they come together, the effect is quite interesting. 

It’s sort of pretty.  You make the fringe as you go along, so you don’t have any ends to weave in.  Interested in the pattern?  It’s available for $5.00 on Ravelry.  Is it worth $5.00?  I’m not sure, but I don’t mind supporting a knitting pattern designer.


WIP: Doing Short Rows Correctly

Short rows is one technique that I sort of scoffed at.  Picking up wraps?  Who cares about the holes?  Truthfully, I didn’t understand the directions.  There I said it.  But, it finally clicked for me this week.

I needed a small project to do, and Very Pink’s Learn to Knit a Spiral Scarf pattern was just the trick for me.  It includes precise directions and video.  And it got me to actually follow the directions and understand them. 

Here’s how the scarf is coming along. 

I’m using Plymouth Yarn’s Noro Silk Garden knockoff,  Boku.  I’m all for that.  It’s half the price, has similar fun colorways, and doesn’t have as many knots from breaks in the yarn. 

In summary, short rows are fun!  Now that I’m doing them correctly, I won’t be afraid of using them for shaping now that I know how to pick up the wraps and not have little holes in my work.

Wingspan Scarf: Completed

Yay!  My Wingspan scarf is finally complete!  I actually finished it last week, but I’m still proud of it. 
Project details?  Here they are:
·         Size 7 24’’ circular needle
·         DK Weight Yarn, Noro Shiraito, about two skeins
·         Skills needed:  knitting and short rows, slipping stitches purlwise
Pretty basic stuff, and if you want to learn short rows, this is a good project to give it a try.  If you’ve made this scarf, I’d love to see your FO’s.  Link them in the comments!

Stumped, to an extent.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter!  I did.  I got to see how my baby cousin has grown, and spend time with my relatives.  During my day off on Good Friday, I even managed to get some good finds at GoodWill.  It does pay to check in there from time to time!
I had this problem last year, and I have it again.  When the weather gets warm, what do I knit?!  I don’t want to start a sweater.  Chunky hats and scarves are out of the picture for a few months.  What’s next?  I started a fingering lace scarf in KnitPicks Chroma.  Very nice yarn.  Here’s my progress.  I’ll post the completed project here when it’s done.

What do you knit when the weather turns warmer?  I’d love to know, because I’m probably going to hit a wall again. 

The Barf Scarf

I have been morbidly curious about flounce-type novelty yarns.  I satisfied that curiosity when I bought a skein of Starbella from A.C. Moore on Saturday.  I then proceeded to knit what turned out to be what I think is an ugly scarf.  My husband said it looked like a pile vomit.  I think he’s right.  Hence, the Barf Scarf.
What is the general opinion of flounce yarns out there?  I have learned I don’t like them.  I had to try it.  I HAD to… of those fads that should’ve been left alone.  At least my curiosity has been sated. 
The colors aren’t too hideous, I will say that.  Still, the frilly frou-frou –ness of the scarf is just not me, so I will give it as a gift to someone who would like it.  I have no idea who that is yet, but I’ll figure it out.
The lesson learned:  With knitting, it’s always good to try something new.  It may work.  It may not.  And you may end up with an ugly scarf, but, eh, at least I learned something.

Revisiting a Pattern

Going back through my patterns, I came across a scarf pattern that I am working on that was one of the first patterns I got.  It’s the Skacel “Not a Celebrity Scarf (But it should be.)” Scarf.  I remember going into my LYS and admiring the sample scarf made in the pattern.  I had just started knitting a month and half before, and I wanted to make it as Christmas presents.  I bought the yarn, was shown how to do the increases and decreases, and went home and knit the scarf in trepidation and hesitation.  I knit it very slowly.  I finished two of them, but only one before Christmas.  It was my first intermediate level pattern. 
On Monday, close to a year later, I got out this pattern again.  I am whizzing through it, much, much more comfortable with the increases, decreases, and short rows.  I am amazed at how far I’ve come with knitting and how much I’ve learned.  I’m getting ready to take a class on Saturday to knit my first sweater.  I love this knitting stuff and am so glad I’ve stuck with it. 
As a note, I think the yarn I am currently using now has ugly colors, but I know some people who would like it, so it’s going to be a Christmas present.  Funny, the colors looked pretty in the store.  Now I’ve changed my mind.  Funny how that happens sometimes?