Love me a good swap!

Swaps are quite popular over at Ravelry.  What is a swap?  Join a group in the forums that has a theme you enjoy, sign up for a partner, and follow the rules.  Usually, swaps have a dollar limit, and requirements, such as an edible treat, a crafted project, and yarn. For example, I recently participated […]

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Three Projects

I am behind on updating my FO’s, and here are three that I have completed and want to share with you guys.  1.  Murky Waters Scarf  I’ve knit this scarf a few times, and I felt like doing it again for a Ravelry project.  I also spun the yarn a while ago.  I think it […]

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Bored? Knit a square!

And that’s pretty much what I did this weekend.  I also needed squares from my Lovegood blanket over at Hogwarts at Ravelry, where I am a member of House Ravenclaw.  Harry Potter for the win! So, I decided on two different squares.  The first is a horseshoe cable square.  I like it!  Cables are fun, […]

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Owl Puff

I knit an owl tonight!  I actually did for a group at Ravelry, Hogwarts at Ravelry.  You guessed, I’m a closet Harry Potter nerd. I’m only now reading the books.  I’m on the fifth on in the series, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”  It’s a bit dragging, but is picking up.  Overall, […]

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I recently completed a knitting class to learn how to do the Wingspan scarf/shawl pattern that can be found on Ravelry.  It was fun and I will post pictures of my project when it is done. I’ll admit something.  I could’ve easily have figured out this pattern on my own.  The real reason I took […]

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Adventures with DPN’s and Tie Dye

Double pointed needles, which shall be called henceforth DPN’s, were a frustrating mystery to me.  They seemed clunky and clumsy, and I deliberately tried to avoid using them.  But, I had a few patterns in my pattern binder that called for them and those patterns would mercilessly mock me every time I paged passed them.  […]

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