Hockey Day in America

It’s Hockey Day in America!  To celebrate, I’m modeling the hat I started (and did finish) here.   Yes, the Orange and Black Attack hat is done and ready for the Flyers to start winning.  Please.  Even though it’s been a rough start for them, I still love’em.


Orange and Black Attack Hat WIP

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE Philadelphia Flyers fan, so it was a no-brainer when I heard the huge skein or orange and black self-striping yarn calling my name at Jo-ann Fabrics the other day.  It’s acrylic-ally goodness is courtesy of Red Heart Yarns Team Spirit line. The yarn is typical of Red Heart’s scratchy acrylic yarn, but it’s in FLYERS COLORS.  How can I resist?

I hung the hat on a doorknob so you could see the self-striping in action.  It’s going to have ear flaps with braids attached when I’m finished with it, hence the interlocking stitch marker at the top, as it is one of four.

The pattern?  I’m using the pattern that was on the back of yarn’s label, the Hear It For the Team Hat.  For knitting in the round, the pattern calls for it to be done DPN’s, but I started on circular and swapped over to DPN’s when the stitches got to few. 

Hockey and Knitting

I may be a nerd, but absolutely love ice hockey.  My favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers, and I watch whatever game they are playing in that I can on TV.  Hockey is the only sport that I will pay money to go see, too. 
I also love to knit while I watch hockey.  In fact, I get a ton of knitting done while I’m watching it.  Last night during the pre-season game versus the NJ Devils, I put a lot of length on that sweater.  That’s about two and half hours worth of knitting time that I reserve.  It’s my favorite cold weather past time….knitting while watching the Flyers. 
I’ve only knit one Flyers-related item, and that this flat hat that I’m sporting here with a cheesy grin.  I made this during the playoffs last year. 
Here’s to the regular NHL season starting next week, and here’s to plenty of knitting.  I can’t wait!