OT: Christmas Miracle

This may seem silly, but my Mom had a minor Christmas miracle this morning.

First off, my mom broke her hand about a week ago.  She’s ok, but took a bad fall.  Yesterday, we had Christmas at her house to open presents.  Her eleven-year-old dog, Patrick (who I consider my dog as well) was extremely excited and active.  He’s nuts, but he’s a great dog.  Sniffing presents, playing with toys, running around like a crazy animal.  Patrick LOVES Christmas.

This morning, I got a frantic call from my mother.  Patrick would not come down the stairs to go outside to do his doggy business.  This was about 10am.  Luckily, she got a hold of the vet to get Prednisone for his arthritis and my grandmother was going to take her there.  I was at the grocery store picking up stuff for Christmas Day (INSANE).  I said a quick prayer to get that dog downstairs and outside. 

While in line, my mom called back, not five minutes later in tears, but they were happy tears.  Patrick came down!  He went outside!  Amen!

I think he overdid it yesterday.  Poor buddy.  I am grateful for our Christmas miracle, as mundane as it may sound. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!



What in the world have a I gotten myself into.

The stressors in my life right are:

  1. Work. (It’s been a week.)
  2. My health.  (Why can’t I feel better?)
  3. Going on vacation soon. (Wait, shouldn’t that relax me?)
  4. Doing a craft show at the end of the month.  (Perhaps it will be better than last time.)
  5. Editing photos from a job I had last weekend. (How in the world did I take 600+ photos.)

What do I have got going for me?  Well, my friend Joan is coming over tonight, so we can commiserate about work stuff.  And I’m dog-sitting Patrick here, who is being snorgled by my mom, and time with the Paddy Dog is always nice.

I need to just focus on one thing at a time.   Tonight, it’s all about relaxation.  I have a long weekend because of Columbus Day, so I have a little extra time to get things together, and to get myself together.

All in all, I will find time to knit for the show and for myself.  I also plan on knitting over vacation, too.  I am looking forward to my temporary escape, but the preparation is going to be insane.

Sewing Semi-Fail

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For the first time in a while, I got my sewing machine out over the weekend.  I made a dog bandana for the family dog, Patrick.  His Royal Furriness is a black and white field Springer spaniel, ten years old, and very active.  And he loves to wear bandanas.  Seriously!  Only the one I made him was WAY too big.  Hence the fail of this project.
I got the fabric at Wal-Mart and had a nice conversation with the lady working in the fabric and sewing section.  She apparently has three little dogs that she sews for, too.  I like the blue and black cotton fabric that resembles the bottom of a pool.  It looked nice on Patrick, and I have some left, so I will try again using this fabric.

Click here for a link to the site I got my directions from.  I believe I should follow them more carefully next time.  Still, I’m counting this only as a partial fail because I did manage to sew something that resembled what it should be.  Also, I was able to follow the directions, more or less.  So, I did have some success.  And my seams weren’t horrible, either. 
Next time, I need to pay more attention to the size I need to make.  Patrick wears a 19 inch collar, so I need to adjust for that next time.   I also have some other ideas for geeky dog bandanas once I get the pattern down.  Until next time, I will try again, and keep on trying until I get it right.
Anyone have a really big dog that would like a dog bandana?  First one to respond gets it.  Just leave me a comment, and we’ll work out the details.