Free Form Crochet Pt. 2

Can I just say that free form crochet is cool?  It definitely is.

I arrived at the class location at the PA Guild of Craftsmen HQ on Saturday.  I had a range of hooks and three balls of Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn.  I was ready to rock.

The instructor, Amber Kane, is a weaver, artist, and well, a teacher.  She teaches art at an area high school.  It was very kind of her to offer her time and efforts to teach this class.  There were about seven of us who took the class, I believe.

Her style of free form crochet is very interesting.  With some research, a lot of free form crochet is sort of compact, while hers flows, has holes and drapes beautifully.  It’s very appealing and unique.

After some introductions and instructions, we got down to letting our hooks do their magic.  It was a fast and fun four hours.

One thing Amber does with her scarves is felt them.  I love felting, and we both have the same felting yarn go-to:  Paton’s Classic Wool.  It’s works the best, it’s economical, and it comes in fun colors.  Oh, and uglier the multi ombre colorway, the cooler your felting project will be.  Just a note.

I left the class inspired.  I had my DH take me to a craft store that evening so I could get a bigger crochet hook and more of said Paton’s yarn.  I was hooked, pun intended.

I have here a photo of what I did, but if you are interested in more of what a complete project looks like? Check out Amber’s Etsy page.  I will also be posting my completed project here when I get a moment to take a really good photo.  My scarf?  It is very awesome.


Joining a Guild

I find myself in a somewhat contemplative mood this morning.  There has been something that I had been toying with the idea with for a while, and took the steps to find out more about it.  I am interested in joining the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. 
The guild is based out of the city where I work, and their craft store is not far from my office.  They accept all skills and crafts.  I could join for fiber working and/or photography.  A yearly membership is $75.00 a year.  
I am also thinking about entering their mentoring program for knitting as someone receiving mentoring.  I would still have to join for that, but I think it would really expand my skill set. 
Readers, what do you think?  Should I join up?  Think about it more?  I’m leaning towards joining, but I’m still hesitant to do so.  I need validation!  Or someone to talk me out of it.  Either works.