OT: Awesome Weekend!

Even though it’s not quite over yet, I’ve had an awesome weekend thus far. 


Sam and I got free tickets to the Reading Royals, an ECHL hockey team that I’m a big fan of.  It was quite possibly the best hockey game I have ever been too.  Fights, fan anger, and a win, it was awesome.  And our seats were right behind the Royal’s player bench. 

Yannick Tifu, the Reading Royals captain.
Waiting for their shifts.

Royals victorious!!!


Though it started off quiet, Sam and I went to see The Hobbit.  Fantastic movie!  It was beautiful and I’m so happy all the original actors came back.  And Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, played an excellent Radagast the Brown.  I can’t wait for the other two movies!!


We had our usual breakfast with Sam’s parents.  Afterwards, we were all sitting around talking, and a new community park came up.  My in-laws had already been there, but Sam and I hadn’t.  So we leashed up Snoopy, Sam’s grandparent’s dog, (The in-laws watch him while the grandparents are away because of doggy separation anxiety), and we headed out.  There was pretty pond and a water-filled quarry that is probably gorgeous in the spring and summer.  It was a wonderful time with wonderful fellowship.


A view of the quarry.

It’s been a great weekend.


OT: My Hair. It is blue.

Yes, I got blue hues in my hair!  My bright blonde highlights are now darkish blue and the rest of my hair is blue black.  It’s not permanent, but my birthday is soon, I’m going on vacation, and I felt like stepping out.  Even at 34, I still will manage to freak out my mother.

Just because I’m leaving for the Outer Banks tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll be absent from here.  I believe we have WiFi down there and the DH and I will be taking laptops.  And I’ll be taking along plenty of knitting supplies and plan on going to Knitting Addiction, a yarn shop in Kill Devil Hill, NC, for an afternoon, just to get away from the family for a little bit.  I am excited!  And I haven’t even started packing! 

OT: I’m sick.

Blah.  It’s true.  I am under the weather, so I’m not sure how much updating I will be doing here this week, but I do I have a lot to write about when I am better.  Stupid kidney/bladder infection.  I just wanted to check in with you guys to know that I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’m still knitting and doing crafty things, in between getting myself healthy.  In the meantime, why not leave me a comment as to what you are working on right now? It’s October, it’s getting cool, and the itch to wear knitted things is getting strong.  I want to know what’s on your needles or hooks!

Where I’ve Been

Ok, yeah, so I haven’t posted in a few days.  To make a long story short, something happened and I needed to get some help.  And I did and am recovering now.  I don’t want to bore you all with the details, but I am back, crafting, and hoping to get into the swing of things again.

Crafting progress….let’s see….I did make a necklace which I will show off tomorrow and have made some good progress on my sweater.  And I completed a pair of tube socks, which are ridiculously cute.  Otherwise, perhaps some sewing is in my future as well as some art with sand.  I hope to share some of that with you. 

It’s good to be back.