OT: Vacation Photos

I have been so dang busy since I got back from vacation!  I’m glad to finally have the time to share my vacation photos with you.  To entice you to go look at them, here’s one of The Bellagio’s famous fountain show of the Las Vegas strip at night.

Isn’t that pretty?  Want to see more


OT: Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

It’s me, Jenn!  Today would have been your 60th birthday. 

Life has been good down here and we miss you a lot.  You’ve been gone almost eight years after a battle with cancer.  There have been so many sci-fi movies we didn’t get to see in the theater, so many hockey games we didn’t get to watch, and many family gatherings that you have been missed at. 

As we remember you on your birthday, we know you are no longer suffering.  Still, there’s a Dad-sized hole in my heart that no one else will ever be able to replace.

Here’s to you, Dad.  I love you.


OT: The flu that isn’t the flu.

Sorry about another “off topic” post.  I have been sick with a virus that imitates influenza, or a paravirus, as my doctor described it.  And I feel crummy.

Yesterday was filled with knitting, Gordon Ramsey on BBC, and naps.  I was home and quite under the weather.  I’m back on my feet today, but I still am a bit out of it. 

Well, back to pushing fluids and painkillers.  I ache all over.  Not fun. 

OT: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Yeah, but not so well.

It’s pathetic, because I have a degree in German, but I haven’t spoken it seriously for about eleven years.  And that’s bad.  My language skills have atrophied.

I went to a German-speaking meetup yesterday, complete with German expats and locals who just want to practice their language skills.  We met at a local brewery.

If you ever meet me in person, I’m quite awkward.  Quiet. Weird.  I don’t know why I put myself in social situations with strangers AND speaking another language.  It’s beyond me, but I want to be more outgoing, make new friends, and practice a skill that I let go.

When I did speak, my spoken language skills were atrocious, mostly because I was nervous.  But, on the positive side, I did understand a lot of the conversations around me.

I’m taking steps to get better.  Not only will I go back to this meetup, but I also bought a Conversational German book on my Kindle and am practicing.  I’m determined.  Weird thing, this morning on the elevator, I thought it was funny that people were speaking English.  Wait a second!  I guess some of my German skills are buried in my brain after all if I’m think in German again.

In an effort to tie this in with knitting, I suppose that’s why I keep chugging along with knitting.  I want to keep learning.  I want to keep my skills sharp. And I’m going to do that with my German now.


The title translates into:  Off Topic:  They Might Be Giants at Theatre of the Living Arts, which is in Philadelphia.  And I had the pleasure of being there last night!

I have seen They Might Be Giants four times now, but I had been out of the loop with a bunch of their more recent stuff.  Still, I was awesome to see this old favorite of mine.  As special guests, they had the local Triceratops Horns along, a brass horn trio.  They added an awesome element to the show and added a new dimension to the concert, as TMBG uses a lot of horns in their music, and they usually don’t have a section travel with them.

Oh, the opener?  A drummer and two sax players called Moon Hooch.  I wasn’t sure of them at first, but after 30 seconds, they started to cook and rock.  With a sampled techno beat, it was one of the most unique and cool things I’ve heard in a while.  Check them out!

Though I was on the balcony (along with Sam, and awesome friends Bruce and Ellie), we had a pretty good view, and with a wide angle lens slapped on my phone, I got some interesting and decent photos.  Enjoy!

Moon Hooch
The Johns!

Sold out house!

OT: Jenn, the Instagram Addict

I’ve sunk to a new low.  I’ve been having fun with Instagram.

I’m not really taking photos of food (though I do every now and then, I’ll admit), or using faux filters to make my photos look old (I have actual cameras for that), but rather for an iPhone phoneography class being offered by Photojojo.  It’s quite fun, both the class and using Instagram!  Since we do have little assignments for the class, we are to use Instagram to post our results.  Thus, a monster has been born.

Even though this photo was not a part of a class assignment, I took this at lunch, much to my DH’s mortification.  I’m turning into one THOSE people.  And I don’t care.

I don’t have much on my account, but I do have some fun things, including photos with those ghastly filters way back in the day when I first donwloaded the app.  Instagram is just another fun application to use in our social media world.
Check me out over there!  Also, if you have an Instagram account and want some love, leave a comment with your username.  I’ll take a look!

OT: Christmas Miracle

This may seem silly, but my Mom had a minor Christmas miracle this morning.

First off, my mom broke her hand about a week ago.  She’s ok, but took a bad fall.  Yesterday, we had Christmas at her house to open presents.  Her eleven-year-old dog, Patrick (who I consider my dog as well) was extremely excited and active.  He’s nuts, but he’s a great dog.  Sniffing presents, playing with toys, running around like a crazy animal.  Patrick LOVES Christmas.

This morning, I got a frantic call from my mother.  Patrick would not come down the stairs to go outside to do his doggy business.  This was about 10am.  Luckily, she got a hold of the vet to get Prednisone for his arthritis and my grandmother was going to take her there.  I was at the grocery store picking up stuff for Christmas Day (INSANE).  I said a quick prayer to get that dog downstairs and outside. 

While in line, my mom called back, not five minutes later in tears, but they were happy tears.  Patrick came down!  He went outside!  Amen!

I think he overdid it yesterday.  Poor buddy.  I am grateful for our Christmas miracle, as mundane as it may sound. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!