Weekend of Fiber Goodness

No, no, I’m not talking bran here.  I’m talking wool, in various forms.

I was fortunate to have a long weekend, meaning I had Monday off for Columbus Day.  It was fantastic.  First, most of what was stressing me out?  I got done by Sunday morning.  I had a lot of time then to do what I wanted to do! (See, I sweat the small stuff too much.)

 Sunday, I decided to get out my drop spindles and give then a whirl. (hehe).  I think I have the basics down.  I don’t have any workable yarn yet, but it is going to take practice.  I earned a free class on Craftsy.com, and elected to take their spindling class.  It’s interesting.  It will be fun to work through it.

Monday, I decided to needle felt magnets for my craft show, just as little cute things for people to buy.  I got so into felting the little flower here that I almost missed an appointment.  Luckily, I looked up at the clock with JUST enough time to get there.  I zipped out the door.

All I did for magnets was cut them into strips and used fabric glue to adhere it to the felt.  It seems to work pretty well, if you were wondering.  And the felting, I did that free hand.  It looks like it was free hand, but I don’t think it’s too bad.

In all of this other fiber-y fun, I got two scarves knit.  It was heaven.  I need a diverse fiber weekend more often.


Needle Felting

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I got a needle felting kit.  Included in the kit was cookie cutter in the shape of a butterfly, two felting needles, a block of foam, and instructions.  I also got to choose three small bags of roving to felt with.  The price was only $11.00, and I figured that was a good deal to start a new craft.
I got home after the festival, and dug right into the kit.  The directions were clear and succinct, and very clear to mention that felting needles are pointy and sharp.  I started to make a butterfly, as you can see here.  It turned out kinda nice.  I’m pleased with it.
Why did I pick up needle felting?  It’s an excellent way to embellish knitting projects, especially felted ones.  There were some beautifully knitted then felted projects at this booth that had needle felting embellishments. 
Soon, I’ll experiment with felting/needle felting again with the ugly Paton’s Wool yarn I just bought. (When it comes to felting your knitting, the uglier the yarn, the cooler the felted result). 
I also want to try 3-D needle felting, that is, making little figures, animals, people, etc.  That’s down the road, but first I’m going to decorate my knitting with felted patterns.  I’ll definitely share my results with you.
Check The Wool Garden and their Karakul sheep.  They were the fine trio of women whom I bought the needle felting kit from.