Men and Knitting

I asked my DH yesterday if he wanted me to teach him how to knit.  Without a beat, he said, “No.”

Well, at least I offered, right?

Even though he has no interest in knitting, I know there are quite a few guys out there who are, along with crocheting.  I have a male friend who knits, and another one who is trying to learn.  I also have friends whose son has been known to crochet. 

I think men and boys can benefit greatly from knitting.  Men have a need to create, and a need to relax.  Knitting can satisfy both of these needs.  Whatever the reason, knitting doesn’t have to be limited to women. 

Don’ believe me? Check out Mad Man Knitting.  Not only has the writer Gregory Patrick found solace and comfort in knitting, he knits so others can too through his knit teddy bears. 

The Crochet Dude  (Drew Emborsky) has his own line of products!  He also teaches, shows up at fiber conventions, and has had numerous articles in knitting and crochet magazines.  Quite the influential guy.

Even though this article is a few years old, CBS ran a great story about men and boys who knit.  If your guy is interested in knitting, this is a great place to start.

Another old-ish article, how about this soldier who knits? He used his needles to create items of use and comfort for him and his comrades in arms.

Knitting is not just for women and girls.  It’s for men and boys, too.  If you are a guy and have been curious about this craft, I encourage you to take the first step and learn.  It will be well worth it.