Three Projects

I am behind on updating my FO’s, and here are three that I have completed and want to share with you guys. 

1.  Murky Waters Scarf

 I’ve knit this scarf a few times, and I felt like doing it again for a Ravelry project.  I also spun the yarn a while ago.  I think it turned out quite nice!  I’ll probably put it in the pile to sell at a craft show.

2.  Raven Collar

I love it when I can knit something out of Vogue Knitting, or at least adapt one from there.  In the Spring/Summer 2013 issue, there was a series of collar that looked fun and fashionable to knit.  I gave on a shot, and here it is!

Below is a closeup of the actual lace pattern.  This one is modeled after “Tango.”

3.  Lovegood Square 3  I always thought owl cables looked difficult, but they really aren’t and I gave on a shot for one of my Hogwart’s squares.  I had some lovely yellow Plymouth Encore Worsted that made for nice knitting and made a lovely background for my owl here.

Well, those are my three projects that I wanted to share with your this evening?  What have you finished recently?  Tell me!


Fall Fair Season

Where I live in PA, street fairs and farm shows are HUGE in the fall.  Streets are filled with rides, food, and throngs of people.  Parks are converted into tent cities full of animals, goods, and curiosities.  It’s a fun time. 
One aspect of the farm show/fair idea is the competitions.  People can enter anything from canned goods and pies, to photography and crafts, into their proper categories, of course.  I used to enter a lot of photography, but since I went pro, I can’t.  BUT, I can enter in some knitting. 
I’m working on a shawl based off of the 55 Shells pattern by Frankie Brown on Ravelry.  I’m using 100 percent alpaca DK weight yarn and it feels beautiful.  I think I have 21 shells knit by now.
I know I’m going to get blown out of the water, but I just basically want to show off some work and see how I stack up against the heavy guns who enter. Farm shows are a big deal around here.   
Shown here are examples of some of the shells I have knit.  They are so soft to touch.  Alpaca is definitely one of my favorite fibers to work with.
Fair season is right around the corner.  Wish me luck!