Knitting Addiction

Last Wednesday while on vacation in the Outer Banks, the DH (yes, he went along) to Knitting Addiction, a yarn store in Kill Devil Hills, NC, right along US 158.  It’s a neat store!

Knitting Addiction has a nice selection and caters both to locals and people visiting the area.  It’s a welcoming place.  They carry some beautiful hand painted yarns, along with some the usual high-end LYS stock.  Good stuff! Knitting Addiction also has a lot of accessories, t-shirts, knitting bags, and books.  Oh, they also have couches for knitters and crocheters to hang out, and cat named Purrl. 

I love the owner’s Bad Dog Wall of Shame.  After telling her the story of Alfred and my yarn, she showed me a photo of the destruction two Shih Tzus did to a scarf.  The aftermath was not pretty.

Let’s see, what did I get. I realized the dangers of taking the DH to a yarn store:  he picked out a project that me to make for him!  It’s a nice, gray polar fleece yarn hat.  I need to get the needles for it, but it should keep his fuzzy head warm in the winter.  I also got some purple and white ruffle yarn that because a scarf for the craft show, a knitting bag that states “Paws off my knitting,” and one of the self-published book of patterns that Knitting Addiction has.  I might get the second one because the first one, the one I have, is wonderful!

I think this photo sums up how a lot of us feel about yarn:

It’s a good addiction, and for knitting and crocheters in the OBX, this place is happy to supply.


OT: My Hair. It is blue.

Yes, I got blue hues in my hair!  My bright blonde highlights are now darkish blue and the rest of my hair is blue black.  It’s not permanent, but my birthday is soon, I’m going on vacation, and I felt like stepping out.  Even at 34, I still will manage to freak out my mother.

Just because I’m leaving for the Outer Banks tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll be absent from here.  I believe we have WiFi down there and the DH and I will be taking laptops.  And I’ll be taking along plenty of knitting supplies and plan on going to Knitting Addiction, a yarn shop in Kill Devil Hill, NC, for an afternoon, just to get away from the family for a little bit.  I am excited!  And I haven’t even started packing!