Finished Shrug

I finished my little shrug!  And I wore it yesterday.  I really like it.  It’s a funky little sweater.  I probably should’ve knit it a size up, but it still fits, despite being a tad snug.  You can see the finished project here.

I was pretty pleased with the workshop on Craftsy, though I did think some things were assumed and could’ve been spelled out a little more, such as when told to change to a different size needle, another way to explain it would be to purl back with the new needle.  Just a thought.  Otherwise, it is a well done workshop, and I would recommend it to any new knitter looking to make a quick project where you can learn a lot of new techniques


One Skein Shrug Week One

Contrary to the results of my poll, I’ve decided to knit a shrug.  Keep in mind, though, I am caught up on my small stuff, so it’s time for another garment!  A quick-ish shrug seems like a good thing to do, especially since I was accepted in Craftsy’s workshop with Stefanie Japel called “One Skein Knit Shrug.”  You can find the pattern on Ravelry, too. 
I like the workshop, because each step is outlined with photos.  I like to compare what I’m doing against a visual aid, as I am mostly a visual learner. 
Last night I whipped up my gauge swatch, and started knitting.  I’m using Plymouth Galway wool yarn as a substitute for Cascade 220 in my project.  My LYS said Galway was a good alternative.  I chose a dark gray color, and I really like it. 
You can see the beginning of the shrug here, and it doesn’t look like much yet.  Still, if you look closely, you can see some of the increase details that are slowly coming into shape.  It’s looking up to be an interesting project.

The Small Stuff

My little poll on the right hand side there seems to point overwhelmingly, though votes were few, to catching up on small stuff.  And I have been.  Here’s what I’ve caught up on:  I’ve finished a baby hammock prop for a friend and fellow photographer, a pair of fingerless mitts for a person from where I work, and a hat for a Christmas present. 
What I need to do yet:  Finish another pair of mitts for another person at work (one mitt is done, and I am working on the second), a knit backpack which is near finished, and a scarf for another present. 
I’m chugging along. I’m going to focus on Christmas now, since it is the beginning of November…ALREADY.  Where did this year go? 
I’m going to keep working on the small stuff because I have a lot of ideas and much to do. 

Long Lean Sweater: Week 7 Almost there!

I cannot wait to wear this sweater!  Still, it needed to be blocked, and as you can see, here it is unblocked and while it is being blocked.  I hope I did it right.  It needs to dry for a while, but it should be ready by Wednesday.  I am going to be rocking my first sweater!
Blocked and Drying
I used this cool wool wash to while soaking it called Eucalan.  It’s lovely.  It makes the Noro yarn nice and soft.  I got the unscented kind, but it comes in a range of scents.  LYS’s usually carry it, so go grab some for your next project.

Oh, don’t forget to vote in the poll in the right hand side.  What should I do next?  I’m having a hard time deciding.

Tube Socks!

Rats, I’m not going to be able to go back to the PA Renaissance Faire this year, but I did make some lovely socks from that lovely sock yarn from the KareDan Farming Initiative!  They are just tube socks, but here are my feet modeling them.  I wear them to bed because they are so soft and comfortable.  And they perfect for Socktoberfest!
Again, thank you to KareDan Farming Initiative for promoting a healthy lifestyle and for selling quality products.  Their yarn was a pleasure to knit with and I loved seeing how the colors became marled together. 
Now onto my Doctor Who socks!


A year ago today, if you would have told me I would be picking up 398 stitches in a sweater, I would’ve laughed at you.
Today, though, I have been officially knitting for a year!  Granted, I could only cast on and somehow make a slipknot, but, you have to start somewhere.  I can’t believe how far I’ve come with this new passion.  I’m so glad I decided on a whim to start knitting.  I’ve picked up my needles and haven’t looked backed.  And I don’t intend to.
Since last year, I’ve made a ton of small things and am starting to head on to the big stuff, like my sweater.  It’s exciting!  Soon, I want to learn cables and how to turn a heel on a sock.  I’ve got a long way to go, and there is always something new to learn in knitting.  I think that’s the beauty of this craft:  the urge to push yourself, the prospect of a new garment, the pay off.  I freaking love it.  Knitting has become such a big part of me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Long Lean Sweater: Week 4

I’m still working on the back panel of the sweater, but I have finished the back shaping and hope to start the raglan edging tonight.  Then, on to the sleeves! 
Otherwise, not a whole lot to report on my progress.  I did take another few days off on the weekend and knit a sock in that fantastic yarn I got from KareDan Farming Initiative.  It’s just a tube sock, but it looks cute on my foot.  I will publish the finished pair probably sometime next week, as I have to start the second one. 
I have next week off as vacation, so, between cleaning binges, I will be knitting and working the sweater.  I also plan on sending off some of my charity knitting as well, and I will tell you about that when the time comes. 
Interested in my previous progress?