Spinning Improvements

I’m getting better!  I actually managed plying, washing and making a skein.  I am making spinning improvements.  I’m really enjoying my Craftsy class.

I used a combination of wool roving I got from the SAFONA fiber festival.  I used Shetland (so far my favorite to work with) Jacob, Portuguese, and Blue Face Leicester Bottom roving.  All are nice to work with, and I wish I had bought more.  These wools came in a sampler pack.  I am also finding out that an ounce of roving can go a long way.

I’m still using my top whorl spindle, but I had a Turkish spindle that I bought a while back.  I’m using that now, too. 

 Here, I am using the Shetland roving on the top whorl spindle. My yarn is getting more consistent.

On the Turkish spindle, I am using the Jacob roving.  I like it, but it’s not my favorite, but it makes for good practice with the Turkish spindle.

On a sadder note, the knitting community lost Knit Purl Gurl today.  She suddenly past away.  Her blog and podcasts had a huge following and she contributed so much to knitting and fiber arts.  She will be dearly missed.


Join the Revolution! The Red Tie one, that is.

Knit Purl Gurl posted a great idea on her blog.  What if knitters and crocheters who made a mistake in their work put a tie of red yarn on that spot and wore it with pride?  We all make mistakes in our work, and we should love ourselves no matter what. KPG’s idea?  What if the first Saturday in October was designated Red Tie Revolution Day and we wore our red tie mistaked work with pride?   I think it’s a great idea, and support it here publicly here on Ludicraft.  Check out her post for more details and her thoughts on the concept.  I also encourage you to participate and tell your other knitterly or crocheterly friends about Red Tie Revolution Day. 

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