Hurricane Aftermath and American Red Cross

The DH and I got lucky.  No power outages and damage.  Thank you all for your well wishes! 

Some others on the East Coast we not as lucky.  Would you please consider donating to the American Red Cross?  They are in need of donations for the affected areas.  The DH and I did a small donation.  It doesn’t take much to make a difference.


Hurricane Sandy

So, Sandy is upon us, and I’m at home with my needles, yarn, and other crafting things.  Oh, darn.

On a more serious note, hurricanes are no laughing matter.  Many places in my area are reporting flooding.  I understand the big part of the storm is to be here later this evening. 

East Coasters, stay safe, stay indoors, and keep your wits about you. 

On a crafty note, I was at AC Moore on Sunday and the yarn section was picked pretty clean.  I guess knitters and crafters go on shopping binges before bad weather so they at least have a few things to do while being cooped up.  I know that’s why I was there, and I had a lovely giftcard from my birthday to enjoy there (Thanks, Chet and Eric!).  I got a lot of stuff, including a British knitting magazine that included free needles and yarn, a mess of cookie cutters for needle felting shapes, roving for felting, a Fair Isle book, and some practice yarn. 

Oh, I did give Fair Isle a shot yesterday.  I had to give myself a crash course in Continental knitting, but more on that later.