Crafting Then and Now

This past Saturday I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and got to admire work from artisans of the past, and it made me think of their crafting legacy.  Crafting used to be a way of life for a lot of people, truly a DIY effort.  Being an artisan was a source of work.  Families would craft their own clothing and other household items.

It’s interesting how crafting mostly has become a hobby nowadays.  I mean, sure, there are some people lucky enough to do their craft as their job, but many of us do crafting as a source of relaxation and enjoyment.  It’s amazing how times have truly changed with industry and mass production.

I encourage you to reflect on how crafting has changed over the millennia.  It’s incredible the legacy we have.  Times have changed.  I also encourage you to gain inspiration from these artisans, too.  I know I certainly have.