Hockey and Knitting

I may be a nerd, but absolutely love ice hockey.  My favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers, and I watch whatever game they are playing in that I can on TV.  Hockey is the only sport that I will pay money to go see, too. 
I also love to knit while I watch hockey.  In fact, I get a ton of knitting done while I’m watching it.  Last night during the pre-season game versus the NJ Devils, I put a lot of length on that sweater.  That’s about two and half hours worth of knitting time that I reserve.  It’s my favorite cold weather past time….knitting while watching the Flyers. 
I’ve only knit one Flyers-related item, and that this flat hat that I’m sporting here with a cheesy grin.  I made this during the playoffs last year. 
Here’s to the regular NHL season starting next week, and here’s to plenty of knitting.  I can’t wait!

Long Weekend Wrap Up

Long weekends seem short.  Despite the fact that they do fly by, I did get a lot done, crafting-wise. 
Friday:  Knit a little bit before packing, because I had to get ready to go to NYC the next day.
Saturday:  NYC!  My friends Joan and Amanda, and myself went to see this cool museum exhibit on Pompeii.  Very neat.  On the bus trip there, Amanda, a fellow knitter, and I had a great conversation about knitting and looked through the Fall edition of Interweave Knits together.  Otherwise, we bopped around Chinatown and Little Italy.  If you are interested, check out my snapshots in my Flickr photoset.
Sunday:  I finished this baby hat and attempted to learn to crochet.  I think I have the basics down, but everything I tried to do came out a mess.  I did manage a crochet chain on the top of the baby hat, so I’m happy that I at least can manage that.  It’s a start, literally.
I began a pair of fingerless mitts from some leftover Malabrigo Rios yarn that I had.  I got one done quickly on Sunday.  Fun little knit!

Monday:  Ah, Labor Day.  I finished the second mitt in the pair, and put it with the hat that I knit in the same yarn a couple months ago.  Someone is going to get a nice set hat and glove set for Christmas. 
I also went to the local Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts to see what they had.  I did find some different yarns there.  I still prefer AC Moore for stores in that streak, though.
Otherwise, I watched the new Doctor Who (on iTunes) and a lot of Top Gear.  BBCA, crafting, and a little bit of travel….it made for a great weekend.

Adventures with DPN’s and Tie Dye

Double pointed needles, which shall be called henceforth DPN’s, were a frustrating mystery to me.  They seemed clunky and clumsy, and I deliberately tried to avoid using them.  But, I had a few patterns in my pattern binder that called for them and those patterns would mercilessly mock me every time I paged passed them.  In my frustrated shame, I would quickly turn the page. 
I tried teaching myself on metal needles, and, though I kept my cool, just couldn’t get it.  So, a trip to my local yarn shop, henceforth known as an LYS, was in order.   And I’m glad I did.  First off, a set of WOODEN or BAMBOO needles were recommended.  Stitches won’t slide off as much on wood or bamboo.  After the patient owner of the shop worked with me, I realized I had the basics down, I just needed a nudge in the right direction.
In my excitement, I bought a set of Brittany DPN’s and some double-knit weight yarn, and, yes, that shall now be known as DK weight.  I got some more DPN’s later that week, and started making hat using the Moonset Hat Pattern, which is free, and you can get it on Ravelry.  I even attempted basic lace on this one!  And the results, I did it!  And I have a cheesy grin on my face as you can tell by the photo here.  I was so proud of myself.  See my project details if you’d like.
The moral of the story….don’t let patterns mock you.  Get help.  It’s out there and you might discover a new technique.  Conquer your fears!
In other crafting news…..I dug out of my closet this morning a shirt I had tie dyed a while ago.  I like to break out a tie dye kit every now and then make a mess in the kitchen with all the pretty colored dyes.  I used a “camo” kit for this shirt.   I attempted to make vertical stripes here, and I was happy with the results. 
Until next time, keep on doing what you do best.  Whatever that may be.