Beading Night Sans Beads and Quick Bits

Deb and I were both tired last night.  So, rather than bead, we just hung out in my living room and gabbed for a while.  Sometime you just need to do that with your gal pals. 

“Now I’ve seen everything,” my coworker exclaimed as he watched me switch out pair of circular needles for a set of DPN’s.  I’m glad I have DPN’s to be a regular part of my knitting repertoire, but I guess to those who aren’t familiar with them, it must seem pretty crazy to be knitting with what looks like to be more than one needle.
I know it’s early, but I gave my coworkers their Christmas gifts awhile.  I wanted them to get use out of the handmade items I crafted for each of them.  I’m not going to do this every year, keep in mind.  I love seeing faces of people when they get something made just for them.  It’s good to be the giver.