Fall Fair Season Revisted

I’m getting ready for fall and am ready for fall.  That means pumpkins, my birthday, and crisp, cool weather.  Though I will sadly miss summer, fall is great time to celebrate the fruits of the previous season, be they actually fruit or the proverbial kind.
I have given some thought to my previous ambitions to enter in the local town fair next week, and I have decided against entering my knitting for the following reasons:
  1. I am sick and tired of knitting those shells.  I felt obligated to do them, and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Maybe I will pick them back up again one day, but I’m shelled-out.
  2. I’ll be WAY out of my league.  People enter things like intricate lace and outrageous Fair Isle.  I haven’t even hit those realms yet. 
  3. I have a photography job on the day people are supposed to pick their item up.
I think those are three good reasons, I suppose.  Maybe it’s my own lack of self-confidence, I don’t know.  My DH suggested we go and check out what people have entered this year so I can get a better idea as to what people actually enter.  I think that is wise.  I’ll get the scope of things and then plan accordingly for next year. 

Fall Fair Season

Where I live in PA, street fairs and farm shows are HUGE in the fall.  Streets are filled with rides, food, and throngs of people.  Parks are converted into tent cities full of animals, goods, and curiosities.  It’s a fun time. 
One aspect of the farm show/fair idea is the competitions.  People can enter anything from canned goods and pies, to photography and crafts, into their proper categories, of course.  I used to enter a lot of photography, but since I went pro, I can’t.  BUT, I can enter in some knitting. 
I’m working on a shawl based off of the 55 Shells pattern by Frankie Brown on Ravelry.  I’m using 100 percent alpaca DK weight yarn and it feels beautiful.  I think I have 21 shells knit by now.
I know I’m going to get blown out of the water, but I just basically want to show off some work and see how I stack up against the heavy guns who enter. Farm shows are a big deal around here.   
Shown here are examples of some of the shells I have knit.  They are so soft to touch.  Alpaca is definitely one of my favorite fibers to work with.
Fair season is right around the corner.  Wish me luck!