Ballerina Mime

She stands still and stoically, a ballerina clad in all white.  Put some money in her bucket, and she will gracefully move. 
Ballerina Mime is a fixture in Central Park in NYC.  Was there earlier this summer and saw her perform.  I recently learned her name is Therisa Barber and she’s a dancer from England.  As I read more about her story, I realized she is a great do-it-yourselfer and deserves to be acknowledged for her work. 
I took this photo of Barber performing.  There was a great crowd of people around her, enjoying her fluid movements and grace.  Children eagerly put money in her bucket just to see her move. 
There are some truly unique buskers out there, and Therisa Barber is one of them.  Please read more about her story at the link below and check out her web site.  She is a person to be admired.

First Cake From Scratch

Yesterday was my DH’s birthday!  As a part of the celebration, I made him an orange olive oil cake.  You may be wrinkling your nose up at the thought, but it’s really good!  It’s a French recipe that I got from Food Network.  Olive oil cakes are common in the south of France where olives and olive oils are plentiful.

Oh, and this is the first cake that I have made from scratch by myself!  I know, it’s just one layer, but I’m still proud of it.  It turned out beautifully and everyone who had some liked it.  The is not a sweet cake, but has just enough sugar in it to be called a dessert.

Want the recipe?  Click it here to go get it.  Thanks to the awesome Melissa d’Arabian for her fantastic recipe!