Sharpie Saddle Shoes

After I saw this Squidoo lens, Make Your Own Saddle Shoes, I had to give it a shot.  I have Sharpies.  White canvas shoes were easy to find at my local K-Mart.  And I had some time last night.

I didn’t do a neat as a job as the author of the lens did.  I just sort of went in full tilt with the purple Sharpie.  They are sloppy, but fun.  I’ll wear them. 

Taking a Sharpie to a pair of canvas shoes is nothing new.  In fact, Sharpie now makes a set of markers just for this purpose.  Do a search on Sharpie canvas shoes and see what beautiful things people come up with.  Doing a Tumblr search is a great place to start.

If I can keep on finding white canvas shoes, I may take a more advanced approach to customizing them.  Here’s one tutorial that I would like to try.

Did you ever color a pair of shoes with markers?  What did they turn out like?  I want pictures!


Ballerina Mime

She stands still and stoically, a ballerina clad in all white.  Put some money in her bucket, and she will gracefully move. 
Ballerina Mime is a fixture in Central Park in NYC.  Was there earlier this summer and saw her perform.  I recently learned her name is Therisa Barber and she’s a dancer from England.  As I read more about her story, I realized she is a great do-it-yourselfer and deserves to be acknowledged for her work. 
I took this photo of Barber performing.  There was a great crowd of people around her, enjoying her fluid movements and grace.  Children eagerly put money in her bucket just to see her move. 
There are some truly unique buskers out there, and Therisa Barber is one of them.  Please read more about her story at the link below and check out her web site.  She is a person to be admired.

My Saturday

I had a great Saturday.  Let me tell you about it.

Joan, Amanda (in her awesome hat), and me.

My friends, Amanda and Joan, and I went to a tea room in East Berlin, PA called The Lady Bug Tea Room.  Joan had heard about the tea rooms in South Central Pennsylvania, and thought that we should all get together, and Amanda and I concurred. 

The Blue Willow teacup I chose.

This Victorian tea room was four courses of heaven, with a lot of tea.  I encourage you to look at their web site, and the photos that I have here.  You got to pick your own teacup and teapot.  Miss Millie, the cook, offers vegetarian and gluten free meals, as well.  All of their food is homemade, local, and delicious. 

After a delightful tea, luncheon, and conversation, we all headed to The Manning’s, a yarn crafting and needle arts Mecca.  It is HUGE.  If you want it, they have it.  Again, check out their web site.  They ship! 
Amanda, a fellow knitter, crafter, and DIY-er, and I were in our ZONE.  This place was incredible.  Joan got to see us act like kids in a candy store.  Each room held wonders to behold.  I was able to control myself, and came out with only $20.00 in purchases.  I could’ve spent much, much, more there. 
We then proceeded on to a MASSIVE thrift store that is located inside a former large grocery store.  It was amazing to see all the rows of clothes and goods all arranged in color-coordinated rows.  I finally found a nice, black skirt and a new top.  Joan and Amanda came away with some great finds, too. 
Finally, we headed to a Chinese restaurant called Forbidden City that serves gluten free food, as Amanda is GF eater, and I am beginning to suspect that I may have that issue, too, but more on that at another time.  We closed the place out talking. 
I’ve got to tell you about Amanda.  This girl is one of the craftiest people I know.  She spins, crochets, tats, sews, and knits.  She got me interested in tatting myself, and lent me a few supplies to get started.  It looks like fun! She also gave me some great tips and tricks into picking spindle spinning back up, too. 
Joan has also had tatting experience as a child with her grandmother.  Otherwise, Joan is the world traveler of the group.  I envy her experiences and live vicariously through her stories and photographs of places she’s been.  Amanda and I will get her into a craft one day. 🙂
How can you go wrong with great friends, food and fun?  I really needed that day out, as all three of us did.  I can’t wait to do this again, Joan and Amanda.  When shall we get together again?

"So Crafty", Squidoo’s New Online Magazine

I really like Squidoo’s online magazines, and recently have been included in one that just launched yesterday….So Crafty!  I am a fairly active lensmaster over there, and have a few crafting lenses (basic web pages that feature a topic).  I am also going to be writing for So Crafty about once a month.
I encourage you to check So Crafty out and “Like” them on Facebook.  There are all sorts of great Squidoo lenses out there about different crafting topics, and I’m glad that they have a magazine now to feature them.  I am also excited to be a writer for the magazine, as well.   
I’m planning on my first article being a book review, and I already have one in mind.  For you, though, it’s going to be a surprise until it’s published. Keep a lookout here and I will let you all know when the article is published. 
So Crafty is also looking for other writers to feature!  Click on the appropriate link on their page.  Also, to be included in So Crafty, join up on Squidoo and write about a crafting topic you love.  It’s great exposure and lots of fun!
If you are curious as to what a lens is, here are a few links to some of mine:

First Cake From Scratch

Yesterday was my DH’s birthday!  As a part of the celebration, I made him an orange olive oil cake.  You may be wrinkling your nose up at the thought, but it’s really good!  It’s a French recipe that I got from Food Network.  Olive oil cakes are common in the south of France where olives and olive oils are plentiful.

Oh, and this is the first cake that I have made from scratch by myself!  I know, it’s just one layer, but I’m still proud of it.  It turned out beautifully and everyone who had some liked it.  The is not a sweet cake, but has just enough sugar in it to be called a dessert.

Want the recipe?  Click it here to go get it.  Thanks to the awesome Melissa d’Arabian for her fantastic recipe!


One DIY site that I always forget is Instructables.  I have found some interesting stuff there.  I haven’t posted any of my own istructables, but I hope so soon.  In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at Instructables and its many offerings.  You can find instructions on anything:  from food to relationships, to sewing to technical gadgets.  It’s fun!  Learn something new and perhaps contribute something yourself.
In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Instructables.  Go and learn something new!

Christmas Crafting Stress

I need to stop getting myself all worked up over Christmas.  It happens every year.  And this year, it’s bad because I’m crafting a lot of stuff for people.  Granted, a lot of those things are already done, and I’m blowing things WAY out of proportion, as I usually do in situations such as these.  Still I have three projects that I agonizing over.
The first is a project that is taking itty bitty yarn on itty bitty needles.  It’s a lot slower going than what I am used to.  Still, that is a part of knitting.  And the pay off?  I know that when the recipient of this present sees it, he’ll get a big kick out of his gift.  That is what drives me on.
The second and the third are not so bad.  One, I am working on during my breaks at work, and the other hasn’t been started yet, but should only take a few days. 
Even as I write this, I see I have a plan.  Do I still get stressed?  Of course!  Is the prednisone that I’m still on making me squirrely?  Yes!  Am I just one big bipolar dork?  Absolutely! 
My goal is to be done with the two easy ones by the end of this week.  Only time will tell if I can do it.  Here’s to trying, at least.