First off, I apologize for not blogging a lot in the past week, but I have been feeling crummy and have been super busy, but I’ve got a few minutes now.
I have been knitting dishcloths.  A lady at work learned that I am a knitter and asked me to knit her a few.  I didn’t have any pressing projects at the time, so I became a dishcloth knitting fiend.  I have a tidy little pile of them at home.  I also had a ton of Lily’s Sugar’n’Cream, as well as some Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn, so I didn’t have to buy much.  I love stash—busting, especially since that means I have to buy more, but don’t tell my husband that.
Dishcloths seem to be the perfect warm weather project:  quick payoff, cotton yarn doesn’t make your hands sweat, and you get to play with new stitch patterns.  Besides scarves, dishcloths are great for that. 
I also understand that people who use cotton knit dishcloths never tend to go back to anything else as they are very good and absorbent.  I might have to give this a try myself.  What is your experience with using cotton knit or crocheted dishcloths?