OT: Christmas Miracle

This may seem silly, but my Mom had a minor Christmas miracle this morning. First off, my mom broke her hand about a week ago.  She’s ok, but took a bad fall.  Yesterday, we had Christmas at her house to open presents.  Her eleven-year-old dog, Patrick (who I consider my dog as well) was extremely […]

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Christmas is in the Bag

Even though the holidays aren’t quite over, I’m still glad my knitting frenzy has died down and I can once again knit at a leisurely pace.  I honestly don’t know what to do with myself or what to knit since Christmas has come and gone.  Ah, yeah, I do.  I’m going to start another sweater!  […]

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Give a Four-Year-Old a Camera…..

 Office Clock  Moi  Snowman  Christmas Ornament I’m such a cheeseball. Halloween Magnet A friend of our office brought her four-year-old daughter in today.  Being a big kid myself, I occupied her while the child’s mother was in meetings.  It was fun!  And I’m tired.  I don’t know how mothers do it everyday.   Otherwise, one of […]

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