Getting Back to Charity Work

I haven’t done charity knitting in quite a while, and it’s time to get back to knitting my chemotherapy hats for the patients at my local cancer center.  I have lovely soft yarn that would make great hats, and I need to get going on that.

Chemo patients need hats even in the summer when nights get a little cool.  Sometimes I switch over to cotton hats, too, for them.  Cotton is soft and washes well, but isn’t quite a stretchy as other fibers.

Interested in knitting chemo caps yourself?  Here are some tips:

  • Soft acrylics and cotton yarn or blends are best.  Avoid wool due to allergies and scratchiness.
  • Knitting hats in the round are great for bedtime wear because they do not have a seam in the back.
  • Make hats in a variety of colors.  Men need them, too!
  • Contact your local chemotherapy centers to see if they have any specific needs from patients.

Do you have any other charity knitting ideas that you would like to share here?


The Red Scarf Project

Foster Care to Success is a great organization that I support.  FC2S takes care of foster kids in college.  Every year for Valentine’s Day, they send care packages to foster kids in college, and included is a red scarf.  These scarves are donated by knitter and crocheters all over the country, and even world.  Have some red yarn and want to give comfort to someone who may be going at life alone?  This is a charity for you.

I have knit red scarves before for The Red Scarf Project, and plan on doing more this year.  I do a lot of charity knitting, and this is one project that I wholeheartedly endorse.  Those of us who have families and/or an excellent support system do not know how lucky we are.  There are college kids out there who have spent their entire lives in the foster care system.  They don’t have anybody to depend on.  A hand-knit red scarf may be the symbol and comfort they need that someone out there cares.  Check out FC2S’s web site for more information and other ways you can help. 

Yard Sale Yarn

I love yard sale yarn.  People bring it to me all the time.  My boss gave me a bunch she found at a yard sale.  My friend Bruce gave me a ton of it for my birthday. My coworker brought some that didn’t sell at her yard sale.  I gladly take it off their hands. 

The quality?  Mostly acrylic.  Red Heart type stuff, but it’s great for charity knitting and when I want something that is going to take a beating. I have made pretty neat stuff from the yarn people have given me.

So, to all who have given me that yarn, I say thank you.  Please, if you come across more, you know someone who will take it!