Hanukkah Holiday Fun

I am one-quarter Jewish, and always like to find small ways to celebrate that background.  On a whim, I thought I’d look for some Hanukkah crafting ideas.  What I found was a lack thereof.  Still, I did find some fun things that might be fun to surprise your Jewish friends and/or family with. 
Martha Stewart, the maven of domestication, has some really nice ideas on her web site.  There are a lot of good ideas here.
Simple dishcloths with a Hanukkah motif, links here and here, makes a fun little gift.  Knitters, grab your needles!
If you want send your Jewish neighbors a Hanukkah greeting, check out this fractal art card I made a while ago.  It’s blank so you can create your own message.  It’s also featured the image here today.
Oh, also don’t forget the food.  Hanukkah is a time of celebration, eating included.  Check out these vegetarian delights.