Cat Sweater

A while ago, one of my doctors asked me knit her cat Kashmir, a seal point Siamese, a sweater.  I finally found the time to knit said cat sweater.  It looks sort of sad and pathetic here, but I hope that kitty gets to strut around in his new duds. 

The neck may seem skinny, but it’s in ribbing as a mock turtleneck.  It has two holes for the front legs, and a nice, rounded out area for the chest.  I understand Kashmir is long and skinny, but I’m afraid this is going to look like a boat on him.

I wish I had had my doctor take more measurements of said cat.  There are actually some pretty nice patterns out there for custom sweaters for cats, but they involved math…

So, I settled on a lovely chihuahua sweater pattern that can be found here.  It also looks stretched out because it’s in garter stitch. 

When I dropped off the sweater this morning, the receptionist had to take it out of the bag and got a kick out of it.  It was the same gal that when I was getting ready to knit the sweater I called the office and said, “I have a strange request for the doctor.  I need her to measure he cat.”

The receptionist thought this was very funny.  I would have, too, truthfully.

Still, the doctor had what I asked fore when I saw her next.  And now Kashmir has a sweater that I hope fits him.  I guess I’ll know when I see my doctor next.