Tired and Wired

I have been in the midst of a huge project at work that I hope to be finished with by the end of the week (fingers crossed), and have been so freaking tired when I get home.  I basically eat, flop on the couch, zone out, and sleep.  Still, I have been crafting;  knitting on my breaks and doing some sort of crochet at home, actually, with unusual things.  One of them?  Wire.

I have been dabbling in wire crochet!  Armed with different beads and 28 gauge wire, I have been seeing what funky things I can come up with crocheting wire.  I’ve done a few bracelets at this point.  It’s a nice change of pace, to be honest. 

This is one I did with the said wire and some leftover Swarovski crystal beads that I had left over from a beading project long ago.  Not bad!  Please excuse my hairy arms.

I have tried wire crochet before, but I’m having MUCH better results this time.  Here’s another one I did, too.  It’s fun and gives me something new to do while I’m overloading on work.


Beading Night: Bracelet Fun

Beading Night turned out to be a Bracelet Night this week, still with beads, and in my case, charms and a lot of jump rings.  I have another Wal-Mart kit for bracelets.  It’s pretty cheap and looks cheap, but it’s good practice.  Deb, on the other hand, had some lovely wire and beads that she crocheted into a pretty bracelet.  Perhaps this is also another reason why I should some learn some more crochet. 
As you can see, we got a little, well, creative, modeling our work that evening, turning out designs into focal pieces while we decided to make shadow puppets.  Everyone needs to get a little silly every now and then.

Beading Night is Back!

Beading Night is back on track!  My friend Deb came over and we played with beads for while her kids were at Awana.  It was fun, and it we are going to be getting together every Wednesday while the kids are there. 
Deb’s Batik Work
We started off by comparing beading stashes and projects that we both were working on.  Deb has some beautiful art clay pendants that she hand-painted.  Teeny tiny works of art.  Oh, and there is the batik/beading work she’s doing right now, too, which I took a photo of to show it off. 
My starfish necklace
As for myself, I had the gaudy starfish pendant, so I did some beading work with it.  It’s sort of tacky, but it’s still sort of cute, too.  I’m not big into yellow, but I’ll give it to someone who is. 
OH!  As a side note, I’m a published writer outside of what I have self-published.  Go on over to Squidoo’s online magazineGoodVeg and check out the article “Five Reasons Fennel is Fabulous.”  I wrote that!  And took the picture!  Exciting stuff!

Beading Night Catchup

I actually made this necklace two weeks ago, but hadn’t had a chance to feature it here yet.  This is my Halloween necklace with glass beads and antique-y looking findings.  The owl pendant was the spookiest thing I could find at Wal-Mart, where I got the supplies for this necklace. 
Eh, it’s cute.  I’ll wear it next week in anticipation of Halloween, along with the funky spider earrings I got from Avon, believe it or not. 
I actually like the detail on the black and orange beads a lot.  I was happy to find those.  In fact, I think these were the beads I grabbed first, and the ideas sort of came after that. 
I might try to bead something more goth for Halloween, too, since I love the goth aesthetic.  Anyone have any good beading suggestions?

Beading Night 4

Beading Night was a minor disaster this week.  I was going to attach my clasp and basically the entire necklace fell apart.  I pretty much just cleaned up the mess and will try again later, maybe. 
This whole thing sort of followed a pattern my entire day, too.  Perhaps I was just too tired.  Frustrated.  Depressed.  Who knows.  
In the meantime, enjoy the pretty picture.  I’m not going to feature my regular photography much here, but I figured it would lift my spirits a little bit.

Beading Night 3

I took a little time out from knitting my sweater and beaded for a little bit, as I have been doing on Wednesday nights.  I continued work on the Pure Innocence set, completing the bracelet and the two pairs of earrings.  I’m getting better with my loops, though they still look sort of bad.  I will reiterate again that the designs included in this kit are good, solid designs that I will reuse.  This kit has been a good reintroduction into beading.  Next week, I will work on the second and last piece, another necklace.  After that, it’s a pair of earrings that I have owed someone for a looong time. 

Beading Night 2

Beading Night didn’t go off exactly as planned, as my friend did not come over due to my husband being sick.  Poor guy.  He is feeling better today, I will add.  Back to the matter at hand, though.  I did get some beading done on my own. 
I had this beading kit lying around for about a year and a half and I never opened it.  It just collected dust on my dresser.  Well, last night was the night that I broke it out and gave it a go. 
Everything was included in the kit, except tools, of course, and there are enough beads and findings for two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a bracelet.  The directions and photos are fairly straightforward.  I selected one of the necklace patterns and got to work. 
As I was looking through the designs included, I realized these were good, basic patterns that could be reused for other beads and styles.  I will be keeping the directions as reference.
Here’s what I did.  It’s one of the necklaces from the Pure Innocence beading kit I got at Wal-Mart.  I’m quite happy with the results.  The loops are bad, but I am getting better at them.  It’s one of the more complex designs that I have done, more than the basic stringing of beads.  I learned I can do more complex beading designs.  I can do this!